Washington Post Columnist Calls for CNN to Suspend Chris Cuomo

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Newsmax: The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan on Monday called for CNN’s Chris Cuomo to be suspended.

Sullivan, a columnist at the Post, said Chris Cuomo should be reprimanded for the role he played in connection with the alleged transgressions of his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Sullivan mentions that Chris Cuomo “put brotherly love ahead of journalistic propriety,” and CNN executives “let him get away with it.”

Sullivan writes that ”over the past weeks and months,” Chris Cuomo has “failed to maintain the most basic of journalistic principles, which are independence, fairness and impartiality.”

She points out that Chris helped his brother craft a response to the media over sexual harassment allegations amid the beginning of the scandal facing the New York governor.

“On Monday evening,” Sullivan states, “Chris Cuomo won’t be on the air as he starts a supposedly long-planned vacation. It should be turned into — at least — an unpaid suspension of significant length. And CNN should be transparent with its viewers that its anchor acted unethically and that the network won’t countenance it. For the network with dozens of bureaus around the world and some 4,000 employees, it’s a cop-out.”

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