We Are Fighting CRT, Cancel Culture, Says Head of Religious Broadcasters

Troy Miller, the president of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), told the Todd Starnes Show we live in a culture of chaos.

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Miller told host Todd Starnes today’s culture is also suppressing the truth at an ever-increasing rate.

“Christian broadcasters can reach into your cars, reach into your homes, reach across digital to get the truth out there, not only the truth of the Gospel but also the truth about what’s going on in the culture,” said Miller.

NRB has been very active in discussing and passing resolutions that oppose things such as critical race theory (CRT) and anti-Christian ideology.

“Again, the truth is sort of relative to some folks,” said Miller. “They come up with these theories, these philosophical sort of solutions to deeper, spiritual problems, and critical theory is one of those, (but) instead of looking at the truths out there, they’ll just say ‘We’ll take a subject or a topic and we’ll put our opinion on it, we’ll say we’re being critical thinkers, and then we put it out there as though it’s fact’ when it is not fact, rather an ideology.”

NRB is also fighting against the cancel culture mob and anyone advocating for deplatforming. To deplatform is to prohibit a person or people from sharing their views in a public forum or social media website.

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“We saw it play out in the pandemic and the 2020 elections where people are trying to get out messages of truth,” said Miller. “We’ve seen it play out in churches where if you say the wrong thing about gender or life, if you don’t agree with these kinds of ideologies and philosophies, people are going to silence you.”

It’s an important fight, said Starnes.

“We live in this country where the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a hate list,” said Starnes. “If you love America, you’re an extremist, if you’re a parent and you’re concerned with what your kids are learning in a public school, you’re an extremist, and now, if you’re a Christian ministry that supports the teachings of the Bible you too are an extremist.”

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