WOKE BROKE: DC Comics Cancels Gay Superman

Gay Superman is officially dead.

DC Comics announced they are pulling the plug on the controversial comic book series.

The Man of Steel, whose motto was ‘Truth, Justice and the Rainbow Way,’ was killed not by kryptonite, but by disastrous sales.

Tired of Having the LGBT Agenda Shoved Down Your Throat?

The gay Superman is Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent, the original Man of Steel, and Lois Lane.

“DC Comics first announced the gay Superman last year when Jonathan Kent became romantically involved with reporter Jay Nakamura in Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 which saw thousands of fans stop buying the title,” Cosmic Book News first reported.

Gay Superman also marched for climate change and supported open borders. The “American Way” had already been stripped from the Man of Steel’s slogan a long time ago.

“Once again confirming I am 100% right – sorry Tom Taylor and Bleeding Cool – it’s confirmed the woke Superman has absolutely tanked and DC Comics sales again nosedive in January as fans avoid it in droves,” Matt McGloin wrote in Cosmic Book News.

“While in my previous article I had my months mixed up – it doesn’t matter – as the sales numbers for January are now out and the woke Superman has indeed dropped out the Top 50, just as I said, unless, again, maybe Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 didn’t end up getting released in January as comiXology says it did? Please, correct me if I am wrong on Twitter, Tom, and Bleeding Cool be sure to write another shill article about it,” he added.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of other DC superheroes that have converted to the LGBT way of life — Lesbian Batwoman, Bisexual Robin and Lord only knows what Aquaman is doing with the dolphins.

Once you go woke, you go broke.


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