Air Force Warns Airmen Not to Attend Turning Point USA Event

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From Minot, North Dakota comes word of a disturbing message that was sent to airmen at the Minot Air Force Base.

Base leadership sent a text message warning them not to attend a Turning Point USA event. They said airmen who attended the Dakota Patriot Rally could jeopardize their future with the military.

“Participation with groups such as Turning Point Action could jeopardize their continued service in the US military,” the message read.

Turning Point is a mainstream conservative organization. Nothing fringe about Charlie Kirk or any other people connected with TPUSA.

To suggest otherwise is not just a distortion of the group’s mission – it’s a flat-out lie.

Turning Point says they are used to being treated with disrespect on college campuses – but being attacked by the Pentagon is a whole different matter.

Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk said the Defense Department as declared “war on conservatives.”

“Congress should immediately investigate this absurd, unhinged threat,” he said in a Twitter post.

On the condition of anonymity, I have now heard directly from servicemen at this Air Force base who have confirmed these texts are real. Their firsthand accounts reveal that while the base is made up mostly of conservatives, all leadership that has been promoted under Joe Biden now skews FAR LEFT. All white, Christian conservatives are marginalized. DEI and CRT are pumped into everything the commanders at the base do. All promotions and awards are given to those who buy into ideological based trainings. They also tell me conservatives are leaving the military in droves, recruiting is abysmal and instead of changing directions, the leadership is doubling down. Joe Biden and the far-left are actively undermining our military readiness and America’s national security.

Charlie Kirk

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is calling for an immediate investigation.

“The Biden DoD has declared war on its political enemies. I am demanding answers from the Air Force about this partisan weaponization of our military,” the congressman wrote on Twitter.

Warning airmen not to participate in a conservative event should set off alarm bells not just in North Dakota but around the nation. The message the Pentagon is sending is chilling: freedom loving patriots are no longer welcome in the Air Force.

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