Biden Disrespects Medal of Honor Recipient

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President Biden is facing outrage from the state of Tennessee and the nation after he abruptly walked out of a Medal of Honor ceremony while the crowd was honoring Vietnam War veteran Army Capt. Larry Taylor.

“He wasn’t supposed to leave yet. In East Room ceremonies they always ask people to remain in their seats while the president exits when the ceremony is finished. More mental confusion,” Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen said.

Biden placed the medal around Taylor’s neck and as the audience rose to applaud, the president just walked out of the room. He left the 81-year-old war hero standing alone on the stage as the closing prayer was delivered.

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“We were a little surprised,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn diplomatically told KWAM News Talk Memphis.

“He looks totally out of it,” said KWAM co-host Robyn Paffmann told host Ben Deeter. “He was literally in a daze and a fog. His skin is pasty, milky white. He has no clue where he is a literally walks off the stage.”

Deeter wondered if Biden’s snub was intentional.

“He has total disrespect for the military,” Paffmann said. “It’s a deep-rooted disregard for the U.S. military and total disrespect.”

Conservatives lashed out on social media – accusing the president of either being confused, addled or just outright disrespectful.

“Pardon my French…But what a f—ing idiot. The continuous lack of respect Biden has for anyone is appalling. Hawaii, Service members, active shooter victims, the list goes on,” former Navy SEAL and podcast host Shawn Ryan tweeted after the president’s hasty exit.

“At least he didn’t check his watch this time,” Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-Texas), an Army veteran wrote on Twitter.

He was referencing when the moment Biden pulled up his coat sleeve and looked at his watch during a solemn ceremony for the 13 US troops killed in an August 2021 terrorist attack during the evacuation of the Kabul, Afghanistan airport.

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