BREAKING: 800 Afghans Just Landed at DC Airport, Says Sebastian Gorka

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Salem Talk Radio host Sebastian Gorka reports tonight that hundreds of Aghani citizens were flown to Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.

“Officers escorting them were ordered: ‘Once the foreign nationals hit the public concourse, do not stop them from leaving if they decide to separate from the group,'” Gorka noted.

It’s not clear if these individuals have been vetted or if they have undergone any screening to make sure they are not radical extremists or infected with the China virus.


Fox 5 DC reports that the Afghanis have been landing at the airport for several days.

“We’re told that this operation is part of a larger state department effort, but the organization putting this together could not confirm any details with us since they say their primary concern was the privacy and security of the refugees,” the television station reported. “These refugees coming to the DMV say they’ll stay in hotels for a few days until they are able to get in contact with any family members or friends they may have across the states.”

The refugees will be temporarily housed at the Dulles Expo Center.