BREAKING: State Dept. Orders Diplomatic Families to Evacuate Embassy in Ukraine

DEVELOPING STORY: The State Department has ordered families of U.S. Embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country as soon as Monday, Fox News reports, quoting unnamed officials.

The news comes amid growing fears that Russia will in fact invade Ukraine.

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Next week, the State Department is also expected to encourage Americans to begin leaving Ukraine by commercial flights, “while those are still available,” one official said.

President Biden caused great fears among Ukraine’s government and American allies after he announced that a “minor incursion” by the Russians into Ukraine would be acceptable. The White House has spent days trying to walk back those comments in a fruitless effort at damage control.

Moscow has massed tens of thousands of troops at the border with Ukraine, leading to fears of an invasion.

Late Friday night, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine announced the first shipment of ammunition had arrived as directed by President Biden, Fox News reported.

US evacuations are likely to start “as early as next week”, CNN reported, citing a source close to the Ukrainian government. It marks the embassy’s shift in focus towards “helping Ukraine bolster its defences in the face of growing Russian aggression”.

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