Dem Lawmaker Refused to Meet With VFW Members

A caller to the Todd Starnes Radio Show alleges that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) refused to meet with a group of Tennessee military veterans because he suspected they were Trump supporters.

“Justin from Collierville” told Starnes that members of the Veterans of Foreign War post in Collierville were in Washington, D.C. to discuss veterans-related issues.

“He said, ‘No, y’all probably voted for Trump,'” the caller said.

Following, is the transcript of the call and you can listen to the full interview above. And click here to join Todd’s private group for Christians and Conservatives.

TODD: [01:26:24] I want to go to Collierville, Tennessee. Justin is listening to us on KWAM, our great flagship station in Memphis. Justin, What’s going on?

CALLER: [01:26:56] Hey, Todd. I just wanted to kind of hit on the Steve Cohen issue because, sadly, he’s been my congressman pretty much my whole adult life until I moved out of his congressional district. It’s no surprise to me that he wouldn’t even stand up for women and their right to have a safe area to change in. I’d just like to focus on an issue that actually happened to a group of my friends.

So that the VFW actually has a day on the Hill. They go up to Washington, D.C. and talk to their congressmen. So the veterans from the Collierville VFW went up there and they they tried to walk in Steve Cohen’s office to talk to him about veteran related issues. And he asked, where are they from? And they said, Collierville, which a majority of them live in his district in the Cordova area. And he said, no, y’all probably voted for Trump. So I don’t even want to listen to or talk to you all up and leave my office.

TODD: What?

CALLER: This story has been around for a long time. Every time you go around, especially that group of veterans, you ask them about go and they will tell you. And it wasn’t even about like partisan politics. They were literally just trying to talk to him about the issues. So this does not surprise me about him because he literally has no moral background.

And I honestly don’t understand why they still keep electing him in his district, because there’s been a good Democrat candidate and also a Republican. But for some reason, he is entrenched in the West Tennessee whole political party agenda. So he’s an embarrassment that Tennessee. He’s an embarrassment to Memphis. And now also he’s an embarrassment to Shelby County and Tipton County because that is the area that he now represents in West Tennessee.

TODD: [01:28:54] Wow, I just I am stunned to hear this news that Steve Cohen refused to meet with men and women who have served this nation honorably because he thought they might have voted for Donald Trump in his. Wow. What a what a sleazy guy. I told you, Justin, the guy is sleazy. Just sleazy. And that’s more evidence. Unbelievable. All right. Well, Justin, appreciate that information. That is just shameful. We’re going to call him up on it. Well, we ought to get some information on this. Great. I want to find out why the congressman is refusing to meet with with these brave men and women, the service members who served our country. That’s unacceptable.

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