Eagle Scout Brothers Face Bullying, Dishonorable Discharge From Military

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The father of two active duty military members is asking for help after his sons Chris and Eric Williams declined to take the China Virus vaccine.

Steve Williams posted a story on a Christian fundraising page detailing the plight of his two sons, both Eagle Scouts.

Eric Williams is a U.S. Marine and his brother, Christopher serves with the Air National Guard.

“Both of these young men hold the highest level of integrity and dedication to duty as you will find in the services,” their father wrote. “Both of these young men are Christian having been baptized because of their faith. Chris before entering the service, Eric at the end of Boot Camp by a Navy Chaplain.”

Williams said it was because of that faith “and the understanding that all will stand before Christ and give an account for their lives they personally chose NOT to get the COVID-19 vaccine as doing so for them would violate their conscience before God.”

He describes how one of his sons was bullied by military leaders.

Chris received his order to take the COVID-19 shot fulling his weekend duty requirement during the Air National Guard unit formation on Oct 2, 2021. This is a common tactic to use peer and command pressure to enforce compliance. 

His refusal and announcement that he was requesting a religious exemption had him immediately separated from the rest of the unit. He then had to see the Unit Commander who informed him that his actions would result in separation from the military and not with an Honorable discharge. 

Still refusing he was shuffled off to speak with the unit Chaplain. The Chaplain then informed Chris that it was ok to toss his morals aside for the sake of unit readiness. Still refusing Chris was then directed to speak with a Reserve Airforce Doctor.

On Oct 3rd Chris had that interview where the Doctor tried to “re-educate” Chris as to why he should take the COVID vaccination. Upon refusing still the Doctor then berated Chris ending up by calling him selfish.

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