Lara Logan on Afghanistan Chaos: Biden Admin ‘Chose This Outcome’

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War correspondent Lara Logan made some shocking claims about the Biden administration and the crisis in Afghanistan in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“There are many things the United States could do right now to change what has happened and what is happening in Afghanistan, and they’re not doing it,” Logan told Carlson.

“What the Afghans will tell you…is the United States chose this outcome,” Logan explained.

She said the United States doesn’t care about Afghanistan, but is, instead, focused on Pakistan in that region.

“What they want you to believe is that Afghanistan is complicated. Because if you complicate it, it’s a tactic in information warfare called ‘ambiguity increasing,” Logan added. “This comes down to the fact that the United States wants this outcome. Whoever’s in power right now, whoever’s really pulling the strings –- and I don’t know that –- they could do anything they want to change this, and they’re not.”