LOVE THIS! Ukrainian Farmers Capture Russian Tanks

Ukrainian farmers are a lot like folks from Tennessee and Mississippi — they’re hard-working, salt-of-the-earth folks. But when you invade their country, they’re some of the meanest SOB’s you’ll ever encounter. Just ask the Russians.

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Videos are surfacing on social media showing Ukrainian farmers capturing several Russian tanks. The videos, which have not been authenticated, show the farmers hauling away Russian military equipment on their tractors.

Olexander Scherba, a Ukrainian diplomat working as ambassador of Ukraine to Austria, shared the video clip on his social media handle.

He tweeted: “If true, it’s probably the first tank ever stolen by a farmer… Ukrainians are tough cookies indeed.”

A source close to the story told Farmers Weekly: “A Russian solider got lost and got out of his armoured personal carrier. He wandered off and the farmer came and took the tractor.

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It’s exactly what folks in the Deep South would do if their country was invaded.

And as the great country music song says, it’s always good to have friends with tractors.