Pentagon Says U.S. Military MUST Have ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’

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TODD: So the military yesterday released a statement talking about the most important issues facing the U.S. military. What are the necessities of the U.S. military now? It seems to me that if I were making that list Todd Starnes, if I was making that list, I would say, Well, one of the necessities is to have the the biggest, baddest, meanest fighting force on the planet. You want people that are going to go in and are going to be able to take care of business and if necessary, God forbid they have to take down the enemy, they will take down the enemy. Those are the kinds of people I would want in my military. I would want the most, the scariest, biggest, baddest people around. Now, I would also think that we would need the best equipment in the land it had. It doesn’t matter where it is, how much it cost, but we would outfit our troops with state of the art fighting equipment. That, to me, seems like that it would be a necessity for us to have those kinds of things. What say you?

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One man said back when I was in the when I was in the military, and I’m reading this from our Facebook Live comments, and a lot of you folks are are weighing in on this. First and foremost is to know how to effectively use the equipment assigned and function as a team with one goal, one objective, one mission. Everything else is irrelevant. This is what John wrote in. Nancy says we need strong men for the job. Morty says it’s more important to kill the enemy. The end? You see, I’m with you, I’m with you, Morty, I think that is the biggest, that is the bigger issue here. But that is not that is not what the military the Biden Pentagon considers to be a necessity.

Is diversity and equity important for the military?

These are the necessities for the military by way of the Department of Defense. And I’m going to read this and we’re going to go to your calls. Diversity, equity and inclusion in the military are necessities for the United States. That’s according to Bishop Garrison, the senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense for Human Capital and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Garrison spoke to the Center for a New American Security today about the progress being made by the Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Quote, I want people to see diversity, equity and inclusion as another tool in the toolkit. And I know and another way of solving these problems. Now I have not served in the military. When I was when I was of that age, we were not in an armed conflict. Besides that, my this heart valve thing I was born with would have prevented me from serving, but I didn’t serve in the military. My dad did. Grandpa did had a lot of uncles who served in the military, mostly in the army and the Air Force. I don’t believe in all of the conversations I heard with them, and I had five uncles who served in World War Two. One was a prisoner of war in Germany. Another was shot up at Iwo Jima. They all lived. They all survived. Not once did I hear them. When they were talking about their battlefield experiences did I hear them saying, You know what? I am just I’m so glad that there was a there was an Asian, an American and a Hispanic guy and a Pacific Rim guy and a black guy in our unit. I never heard any kind of talk about that. Not not once did I hear any kind of a talk about that. But I did hear him talking about teamwork and and unity and brotherhood and being there for each other and fighting together as one cohesive unit. I heard a lot of talk about that.


But now now we have a military, and all they are concerned about is tolerance and diversity and inclusion. They want to make sure that before female troops go out onto the battlefield, they’re able to have a manicure and a pedicure and get their hair done, and they can have their hair done any way they want. They want to make sure the male troops are able to identify or self-identify as whatever they want to identify as. It’s all about the individual now in the United States military. It is not about a cohesive fighting unit. And I believe that right now Vladimir Putin is looking at what’s happening in our military, and he’s laughing because he knows that we are weak. He knows that this is not a fighting force to be feared. It is a fighting force to be laughed at because of the leadership of the Pentagon. This has nothing to do with the rank and file. This has everything to do with the appointed leadership of the Pentagon, and they have made our nation a laughingstock. It’s ridiculous, and it’s going to be very dangerous, folks, very dangerous. All right. Let’s go to North Carolina. Roger is listening to us on WSIC. Roger, what is on your mind today? 

CALLER: [00:28:34] Well, a couple of things. First, you’re absolutely right about it. Clues that inclusivity and diversity the mission of the U.S. military, especially the army, is to close with and destroy the enemies of the United States. Bottom line? Close with and destroy the enemies of the United States, defending freedom at home. OK. Sending someone who is transgender into a combat situation when they require injections of hormones. So they can maintain the illusion that they are what they think they are. Is not combat effective. You don’t send somebody into combat that needs constant medical care. That’s why you don’t have diabetics in the military. So just because they want to be a soldier, I want to be 20 years old and back in the range of time, it’s not going to happen. OK? That’s the first thing they need to stop using the military as a social experiment. Laboratory, military. 

TODD: [00:29:32] And Roger, let me jump in. Let me jump in here on that. And that is something that uniquely happened and the Obama administration that did not happen in Bill Clinton’s administration or Jimmy Carter’s. This happened in Barack Obama. He’s the guy that turned this into a social engineering petri dish. And Joe Biden is just following up on that. 

ROGER: [00:29:53] Well, it’s a great segue into the second thing. The problem with the Ukraine is our fault. And also back to it goes back to Obama. Well, it goes back further in 93, when the Warsaw Pact broke up. We made assurances to the Soviets that we would not bring former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO’s. What the Russian opinion is is the same thing is if Mexico went into a military alliance with China and China parked eight divisions of a Texas. This is how the Russians are looking at it. 2008 Barack Obama goes to NATO’s summit and promises Ukraine, yeah, you can join the EU and you can join NATO. The problem with bringing Ukraine into NATO’s is an article five of the NATO’s charter says any native member that’s attacked the rest of NATO has to jump in with them. And Angela Merkel, the British and the French have all said, No, this is not happening. So if Obama had just left it alone, Putin would not be the strong man he years. We would not have Russian troops mounting in the Ukraine. You cannot look at Eastern Europe with 21st century American liberal eyes and say what they ought to do. 

TODD: [00:31:13] Roger, we’re going to have to leave it there, it is a good thought, and again, I hope and pray we do not get into a shooting war with the Russians. I don’t think we’re ready and I suspect a lot of you feel the same way. Folks, we’ve got to take a break.

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