Pistol-Packing Granny Offers to be Todd’s Bodyguard

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The following is a transcript from the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Click here to listen to the full podcast.

TODD: Real quick, let’s go to Elsie. She’s listening on WHKP in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Hey, Elsie, got about 30 seconds here. What’s up? [00:39:43][69.7]

CALLER: [00:39:44] I’m a tell you real quick, I want to volunteer to be your bodyguard. I’m 77-years-old. I’m a good shot with a rifle , a shotgun and a 38.

TODD: Is that right?

CALLER: I out-shot my husband plenty of times at target practice. And I’m volunteering to help you out. God bless you.

TODD: [00:40:07] God bless you, Elsie. You know what? We’re going to put Elsie on hold. We’ve got to send her some stuff. Can we do that? All right, great. Grace is saying yes. Hang tight, Elsie. I love it. Elsie. She’s in her 70’s and she’s pretty good with a shotgun. You know what, Elsie? You’re hired. You’re hired. I love this radio show. You guys are awesome.