Ret. Army Col. Says Military ‘Becoming World’s Laughing Stock’ Under Biden

The military needs to be teaching young people to survive in combat not this woke agenda, Ret. Army Col. David J. Giammona said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [00:21:32] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line here in our beautiful Liberty University studios. We’re always honored to have with us our military guy, Col. David Giammona. Colonel, always good to have you back with us. [00:21:44][12.0]

Is the military worse off under Biden than Trump?

COL. DAVID J. GIAMMONA: [00:21:45] Todd, it’s always a pleasure to be with you. I think we’re going have some interesting things to talk about today. [00:21:50][4.3]

STARNES: [00:21:50] So you’re also, by the way, the author of a book coming out later this year, the Military Guide to Disarming Deception. I want to get to that in just a moment, but should we be concerned that the army is shrinking in size? [00:22:05][14.3]

GIAMMONA: [00:22:06] You know, it just kind of baffles one’s mind and intelligence that in a world that is so on the brink of War World III that we would be limiting or, you know, downsizing. But I understand why, because Joe Biden wants more money for his pet projects that are costing trillions of dollars. At the same time, putting us at high risk of some serious issues just forthcoming here in the near future. [00:22:35][29.3]

STARNES: [00:22:36] Yeah, and that seems to me to be the big question. Why? And I think there could be multiple issues. The military says that they’re blaming it on a tight labor market. But correct me if I’m wrong here, Colonel. They were just booting members of the military out simply for not getting the jab in the arm. [00:22:56][19.7]

GIAMMONA: [00:22:57] That’s correct. You know, they’re speaking out of both sides of their mouth. The fact of the matter is we don’t have a problem. You know, I was in the army 32 years and they always met their mark and their numbers. But the fact of the matter is, yeah, money is tight no matter how you slice it. But if you keep cutting our oil supplies off, if you keep kowtowing to, you know, foreign interests, the money dries up. You know, Congress always wants a peace dividend, but now is not the time to cut our forces in the face of China, Russia, North Korea, and Middle East explosions. You know, we cannot afford this at this time. [00:23:39][41.6]

STARNES: [00:23:39] Well, and not only that – I’m curious to hear from our listeners, many of whom served in the military, many of them are in the military. I don’t know if they actually looked at what they were doing as a job like, you know, I got to go to work today. I mean, this is almost a calling, I would think. [00:23:59][19.9]

GIAMMONA: [00:24:01] Well, right. And you know, the fact of the matter is, as we’re recruiting young people, a lot of them, they’re not as physically fit as they were used to be. They’re not coming out of the farm anymore. They’re not, you know, pursuing this in schools anymore. And so, we do have a national problem with our physical fitness. There’s no question about that. But then again, that comes to leadership. And as I’ve said on many shows across the nation, you know, when you lack leadership, then you lack all the other things that go with it, and this is just part of a huge problem we have in The United States. We have a leaderless White House right now, and the whole world knows that. [00:24:41][40.8]

STARNES: [00:24:43] Yes. David Giammona, a retired Colonel on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. And you know, David, again, not only the China virus, I don’t think a lot of, you know, very healthy young people want to get jabbed with something when they look around and realize that a lot of other young people are getting very, very sick. We had a report on a couple of weeks ago about Air Force pilots who, their careers are over because they got the jab and developed heart problems. So, I think that’s one component. But David, I think maybe we have a broader issue right now where people don’t want to jump into this woke culture that exists inside the military. [00:25:20][37.3]

GIAMMONA: [00:25:21] Well, that’s right, Todd. I mean, I’m getting called. I got one yesterday. A Guy wants to talk to me who is active duty. He asked, how do I deal with the woke culture? And I got it. I understand that. And that’s why a lot of people right now are reserving, you know, our parents, the parents across the United States, they don’t want to bring their kids into a woke army. They want to bring their kids in an army that is disciplined, you know, and training their young people to survive in combat. So, right now, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot, because that woke environment is causing havoc. I served under a Barack Obama, and I understand they try to use the military as a social agenda to see whether or not these things are going to work for civilians as they work in the military. But the military is not a place for us to be doing those kind of experiments. Our military should be training young people for the hour of combat and surviving a war, which we’re headed to very quickly here. [00:26:23][61.9]

STARNES: [00:26:24] Not sure if you saw this video, we’ve got it up on our website, and we have the audio here. This is yesterday, the final day for the, I didn’t realize it was a month. It was the National Women’s Month or something? Everybody’s got a day’s it’s like Waffle Day. I don’t know. Fruity Pebbles Day, Women’s Month. And so, to celebrate Women’s Month, which coincided with Transgender Day, the Air Force and Space Force decided to salute one of their own. Cut number one, please. [00:26:54][30.4]

MILITARY PERSONNEL IN AUDIO CLIP: [00:26:55] I want to wish you a happy Women’s History Month. I want to introduce Lt. Col. Bree Fram, who I’m pleased to be joined with this afternoon. Lt. Col. Fram is currently serving as an astronautical engineer here at the Pentagon, working Space Acquisition Policies. Bree is also one of the highest-ranking transgender service members in the military and is the highest-ranking transgender service member in the Department of the Air Force. So, thank you so much for joining us. You’ve been instrumental, as mentioned in the Space Force, and now you’re working to develop these policies and processes that are really going to help the new Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space Acquisition and Integration get things moving. So how is that going?

TRANSGENDER LIEUTENANT COLONEL IN AUDIO CLIP: It’s going really well. It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of something where we can help set the process that allows us to remain ahead of our adversaries in space. What we really want to do is be able to make fast and accurate decisions so that there is never a day without space that our Joint Force depends on so badly.


MILITARY PERSONNEL IN AUDIO CLIP: You are an inspiration to many, right? You are breaking barriers. And it’s important, though, for us, I think for everyone, to understand kind of what motivates you, right? What keeps you, what inspires you, what keeps you motivated.

TRANSGENDER LIEUTENANT COLONEL IN AUDIO CLIP: You know, what really keeps me motivated is the people that are going to come after us. Some people have called me a trailblazer in some of the things that I do, and that’s something I really embrace, because what that means is that it’s not about me. It’s about the fact that the road behind me is now paved, and the generation coming after us has an easier chance to make it to where I’ve made it, to make it where so many others have made it. But then they’ve got the time and the energy to go further. So, if we can set the conditions where the folks after us get to do even greater things, I’m thrilled. [00:28:41][105.4]

STARNES: [00:28:42] Now, David, I don’t know much about warfare in space, but I would think if I was an alien, an actual alien from another planet, and I see these videos, I’m not going to be deterred. I’m like, Oh, wow. Alright, Let’s go invade Earth. [00:28:57][14.5]

GIAMMONA: [00:28:59] That’s exactly right. You know, we should be focused on the things that are really important. And you know, we’re looking at a very small percentage. I know the media loves to blow these things up, but less than one percent, you know, are transgender. And we need to focus on the 99 percent and get them ready for war in combat, whether it’s land, air, space, wherever it is. And I read this just today, you know, that we’re becoming the world’s laughing stock, because they don’t consider us war fighters. They consider as a bunch of sissies out there catering to all kinds of different things that are not really going to win us a war. [00:29:43][43.9]

STARNES: [00:29:45] Yeah, look, maybe I’m just old school. I know that if you remember the CIA recruitment video, they’re featuring, you know, the whole rainbow assortment of people groups out there now and talking about how we’re trying to deal with emotional issues and encouraging people to play board games. I’m sitting here going, are you people kidding me? This is a very clear and present danger and our fighting forces, and correct me if I’m wrong here, David, are to kill the enemy, blow up the enemy, and sink the enemy. [00:30:22][36.4]

GIAMMONA: [00:30:23] Yeah, we are to win the nation’s wars, and the army, its mantra is, Hey, we kill people and we blow things up. We win wars for our nation. So, I was really involved in getting us back, in the last few years when I was on active duty, to getting us back on track to focus, because we had so many training things for our commanders to do that were nonsensical. We had to stop all that and start focusing on the war fighting mission, because that’s what the United States is paying us to do, not to hold a social agenda of, you know, the first in America to do this and in America do that. We’re there to win wars for our nation, or we’re going to get our butts kicked in the future if we’re not careful. [00:31:07][43.9]

STARNES: [00:31:08] Alright, David, we’re going to wrap it up. One final question for you. So here we are, smallest army since World War II. Where does that leave us in the event that we do have to go to war

GIAMMONA: [00:31:21] Well, train up takes a long time, recruitment, training – you’ve got to think in terms of longevity. So, if they’re going to be, you know, scaling back the forces, those people are going to be leaving, going into our workforce. Who are we going to recruit? Who are we going to get? Even if our reservists are ready, we are going to still need more people. And we did the same thing, unfortunately, history is repeating itself. before World War II, we had a very small army and, we were on the brink of World War. I think we’re in the same boat again. It goes back to leadership. I hate to beat a dead horse, but it’s all about leadership. But right now, in the military and in our government, we just don’t have it. [00:32:02][40.8]

STARNES: [00:32:02] Alright. David, again, thanks for coming on the program today. Folks we have got a link to the book coming out in August, the Military Guide to Disarming Deception, and we also have a link to David’s website as well. David, God bless. Thank you, sir. [00:32:17][14.7]

GIAMMONA: [00:32:18] Todd, always a pleasure. God Bless. Thank you. [00:32:20][1.9]

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