Teaching Critical Race Theory at West Point is Dangerous for America, Mike Pompeo tells Todd Starnes

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The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD: [00:24:12] And yet it is also a significant issue here in this country as well. And not only religious liberty, but critical race theory and the military at West Point, Congressman Mike Waltz has been very, very concerned about teaching critical race theory at West Point. What say you? 

POMPEO: [00:24:32] Yeah, this is dangerous, as a graduate of West Point, as a veteran, but mostly as American, the idea that America was built on a racist premise is a secular notion that is truly dangerous. It strikes a dagger at the understanding that our founders had. And then, by the way, the secular left knows this. It’s why they are pressing so hard on this front. You know, I saw comments made by General Milley yesterday in response to a question from a member of Congress who might have been Congressman Waltz. I don’t recall. And he said, well, I learned Marx, I was I’ve read about Marx, I’m not a communist. Fair enough. I have no problem reading a book by Abraham X Kennedy, but you can teach it. You can’t voice that. You can’t force people to go sit in classes and talk about how there is this fundamentally systemic racist notion that is the very bedrock of our most important institutions, including our military. Now, these have to be places that understand that we’re going to have a meritocracy. We’re going to treat every human being the same because they’re created in the image of God. And it’s not about whether someone is permitted to read about something, but it’s the values that’s being driven. And that’s what we have to make sure never touches West Point military. 

TODD: [00:25:44] Well said. And I was very concerned about General Milley. Some comments. I mean, he was laying out the groundwork for systemic racism in his defense of the question. And then he went on to talk about white rage and, you know, where did that come from? You really do wonder what is the mindset of what are they trying to do in the military? 

POMPEO: [00:26:04] So I’m confident that America’s military leaders, for the most part, get it. They know their mission set right is to go out and be prepared when the State Department fails, which we tried not to do. But when State Department fails to be prepared to defend our freedoms and to make sure that we are safe and secure at home, I think most military leaders get that. What we have to make sure is that this this pervasive notion that the left is foisted upon us, that America is racist, that skin color determines how you think about race in the world, when, in fact, the Lord teaches us this very simple understanding about how one should treat every other human being. We have to make sure that is at the bedrock of our military institutions. When we do that, they’ll choose good people to be. Our fighter pilots, our cyber warriors, our space experts and America will continue to have the greatest military in the world. 

TODD: [00:26:53] Well, well said. And I know there are a lot of rank and file who are very concerned, according to Senator Tom Cotton, you know, they’ve set up that hotline and the comments and concerns they’ve been getting. It’s it’s pretty disturbing.

POMPEO: [00:27:04] You know, Todd, it was also I mean, the attacks are legion. The president travels to Europe, and we’ve talked a lot about his visit to the G-7. But don’t forget his first stop. His first stop was he gave a speech to a bunch of military folks, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines. And in those remarks, he said that the most serious threat to American security is climate change. These are young men and women who’ve chosen to serve and to defend America and to tell them that what they should have done is become a biochemist working on behalf of Greenpeace. This is this is dangerous. Our military is designed for a function and a purpose, a powerful one, but a limited one. And when you have the commander in chief telling them that there’s a secular left idea of putting climate at as the highest moral, the highest moral importance and not faith and not our security, this is an awful long bridge.

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