‘They are Holding Our Son in Solitary Confinement, Treating Him Like Hell,’ Lt Col. Scheller’s Parents Tell Starnes

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with the parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. Click here to listen to the entire interview on The Todd Starnes Show Podcast.

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TODD: All right, folks, welcome back to the Todd Starnes Radio Show. We are so glad to have you with us today. And as promised, we we told you the parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller we’re going to be on the program today and they are in fact, on the PATRIOT NEWSMAKER LINE Stuart Senior and Cathy Scheller. So good to have you with us on the program today. Thank you for coming on. 

KATHY: [00:21:38] Thank you so much, Todd. This means the world to us to have America and Americans listening in and supporting our son and our military.

TODD: [00:21:48] you know, Kathy, when we first heard about this story and we saw the remarks, you know your son made. And what struck me, first of all, he said what every every American was thinking about what was happening over there. But at the same time, he also understood what he was doing and that there was going to be a price to pay for that. And I think a lot of people around this country respected the position he took when he made those remarks. 

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STUART: [00:22:15] We agree with you. He is very intelligent. He’s a 17-year strategic tactical warrior. He played three moves ahead. He knew where he was going the minute he hit that send button and he was prepared to throw it all on the line. Because of the horrible exit from Afghanistan, the loss of 13 service people, and let me just say for just a second, we’ve been on the air now for three days. We are starting to feel a little selfish because there are 13 families out there that lost. Their sons and daughters, they will never get to speak to them again. We cannot speak their son right now, but eventually we will be able to. So I would ask all Americans to support those 13 families and keep them in your prayers, please. 

TODD: [00:23:17] Have you guys had an opportunity to speak to Stuart Stewart since she was taken to the Brig. How is he doing? What are the conditions like? 

KATHY: [00:23:24] We have not. He was able to call us. We were able to talk to him for perhaps two minutes. He called to say, I’ve been arrested, call my attorney and please tell everyone. And from that point on, gets thrown into solitary confinement. No communication, no phone privileges, no media, no anything. He’s having his first hearing today who actually has charges filed against him. He’s been in there all week with no charges. He’s in a courtroom where he cannot confront his accusers. He doesn’t get the call witnesses. I’m not sure how any of this is just after what we just saw yesterday on the Senate floor. 

TODD: [00:24:12] Well, and Stuart, that’s an interesting thing your wife brings up again when you hear when you hear the testimony of General Billy. And we were talking about this yesterday on the show in real time, General Milley basically did exactly what your son is accused of doing by speaking publicly and criticizing President Trump. To all of those, tell all book authors. So my question is why is that guy not in the Brig? 

KATHY: [00:24:38] I’m going to jump in here real quick. Our son never criticized a standing president. He has never said a word against President Biden. He stood at the side of the pleasure of the president. He has served as commander in chief and he always has.

STUART: But so to your point, it’s hypocrisy. It’s ridiculous. The generals are embarrassing our country. The generals are bringing down the institution that our son wants to build up. He loves America. He loves the Marine Corps. He threw everything away to preserve the Marine Corps and preserve the dignity of all those that served the last 40 years and give them some hope and purpose that it was all worth it. And they’re treating him like hell.

TODD: [00:25:37] I’m curious to get your thoughts on this. A report just dropped from Human Events. Jack Posobiec, good conservative journalist There are reports that the Marine who appeared at President Trump’s rally over the weekend, the one who saved rescued one of the babies in Afghanistan. This young man was called up to the podium in civilian attire. And now we understand that individual is under investigation by the Marines. It read. It really does make you wonder what is going on within the ranks of the military right now. 

STUART: [00:26:12] It doesn’t make me wonder if it’s atrocious and it’s tyranny. 

TODD: [00:26:19] On the PATRIOT MOBILE NEWSMAKER LINE, the Schellers, Stuart Senior and Kathy, how is your family doing through all of this? I mean, this has to be I mean, you guys didn’t ask to be put into this situation and now the national spotlight on you guys. 

KATHY: [00:26:34] So this is what I’m going to tell you, our son has been out in the sand, in the infantry, serving for 17 years. We have been forged in steel as his parents, his wife has been forged in steel, you having a military member served in the infantry. The entire family serves. We will stand by his side to the end. It has not been easy. No, we did not want to do this. We wanted to go quietly into our retirement and this was not our plan.

STUART: Well, we will stand by him. His entire family stands by him, and to Cathy’s point. We have just had an outpouring of support from veterans. Going back to Vietnam in the last 20 years, supporting us, supporting him. We’re we’re looking at this as another deployment. And as Kathy said, we will eventually get to see our son again. But those 13 moms and dads and family members, brothers and sisters, wives, husbands and children will never get to see their lives again.

KATHY: We do have a request. This is the same request we’ve made that Americans that find this deplorable, that they pray because we do believe that prayer. There’s a lot. We asked people to contact their congressmen, their representatives let their voice be heard, but we do have an American justice system and it’s time we use it. We are asking people to go to Pipe Hitter’s Foundation Board and sign Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s link and please donate there. His family is his wife, and three children are going to need a lot of financial support. And then there’s also legal fees. There’s, you know, they’re going to take all of his benefits away, so they’re going to need this eventually, as we’re asking Americans to help that way, we’re asking them to vote in their elections and vote their conscience and please stand up and make a difference. The time is now.

STUART: Todd, we’ve we’ve been told to prepare. With low, very low expectations that this is not a threat. This is an ultra marathon. I I have low expectations for today’s hearing. I’ve been told it’s a kangaroo court in the Marine Corps and we are prepared for not great news and we will continue this fight. For days and months and years, if need be, we have been told that the Marines could keep him in there for six to 12 to 18 months in jail prior to a court martial. It’s outrageous. 

TODD: [00:29:30] This is outrageous and Stuart and Kathy I can promise you this. We’re not going to forget about your son on this radio program, and I can assure you our listeners will not, either. We actually have a talk radio station there in the area that broadcasts the show over in Jacksonville, North Carolina, The Talk Station. So I know a lot of the listeners in that area are just enraged by what has happened to your son. And I want to ask you real quick here, and we’re going to post, folks, we’re going to post a link to that website on our live show blog, so you’ll have an easy direct access to that. Stuart, Kathy, are you hearing from other people serving in the military families about conditions during this Biden era? 

KATHY: [00:30:13] We will begin with a gag order is placed on our son and essentially a gag order has been placed on all service service members in all branches in all branches. They’re told not to comment on his Facebook page, who likes to speak out in public or to take any stand, or they will face repercussions.

STUART: So active duty can’t, but we have received thousands. Thousands of well-wishes and support from veterans we have received from family members, so we know that the support, the support is out there, but we, you know, we can’t expect every active duty service member to throw down and throw it all away like our son did. Now I have to say, I think our son initially 30 days ago when he hit that send button and started this journey, I think he thought there would be a few more fellow officers join him. But we’re not judging that. We don’t think he thought it would get to this point. 

TODD: [00:31:23] Sure, I know that well, and I understand that, guys, we’re going to have to ramp it there. But I want you to know that first of all, we are going to pray not just for your son and his family, but for the entire family. We’re going to pray for you guys because on this radio program, we look we believe in the power of prayer. We believe, you know, God can can do miracles. Folks, I guarantee you, Stuart and Cathy, people are already on the phones to their congressmen, congresswoman. So we’re definitely gonna do that. And of course, I think you can look to see those numbers pop up on the organization. We want to make sure that you guys are taken care of during this very difficult time. Please let your son know that we believe he is an American patriot and there are a lot of people out there across this great country that supporter you are supporting. You guys, 

STUART: [00:32:07] thank you card and call us anytime. We’d be glad to fill you in. This is we are in the midst of history, and I said earlier today that if you have young children in their teens. You should talk to them about this. It’s not going to be taught in school. This is history. 

TODD: [00:32:29] Well said All right, Stuart and Kathy Scheller, God bless you both.

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