U.S. Marines Salute Pride Month With ‘Gay’ Bullets

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The Marine Corps is facing mockery on social media after they posted a photo of rainbow-colored bullets on a combat helmet.

Should Military Celebrate Gay Pride?

The Marines say it’s about honoring the contributions of LGBTQ service members during Pride Month. 

The Marines also said they foster an environment free from discrimination. And they treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. 

Remember when the Marines were considered to be the fiercest of our fighters? Remember when Americans could sleep peacefully at night knowing that the Marines were on patrol?

I’ve often wondered what the late great Chesty Puller – the most decorated Marine in American history – would say about today’s woke Marine Corps.

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As Governor Mike Huckabee once said, the purpose of the United States military is to kill people and break things. 

But under the rule of Democrats the Pentagon has become a social engineering petri dish. And a woke military leads to a weak military. 

And our enemies laugh as the greatest fighting force on the planet   could be felled by simply misgendering a soldier or failing to use their preferred pronoun. 

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