Watch: Biden Forgets When Kabul Fell to the Taliban

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President Biden incorrectly told ABC News that Afghans falling off U.S. military planes was “four days ago, five days ago,” when it was two days ago as the Taliban has taken over the Afghan capital of Kabul.

Biden was asked by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, “Look at what’s happened over the last week. Was it a failure of intelligence, planning, execution or judgement?”

“Look, it was a simple choice, George,” replied Biden.

“When you had the government of Afghanistan, the leader of that government,” said Biden, referring to Ashraf Ghani, “getting in a plane and taking off and going to another country, when you saw the significant collapse of the Afghan troops we have trained, up to 300,000 of them, just leaving their equipment and taking off… that’s what happened. That’s simply what happened.”

The preview then shows Stephanopoulos asking, “But we’ve all seen the pictures, we’ve seen those hundreds of people packed into a C-17. We’ve seen Afghans falling.”

“That was four days ago, five days ago,” said Biden.

No sir, Mr. President. That was two days ago.