AFGHANS FIRST, AMERICANS LAST: As Many as 10,000 Americans Still Trapped in Afghanistan

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Nationally-syndicated radio host Todd Starnes is slamming President Biden for putting “Americans last” in Afghanistan.

As many as 10,000 Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan after Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops and the rise of Taliban in the country, CNN reports.

However, Department of Defenses spokesman John Kirby told the network the Biden administration does not know the exact number.

Other reports indicate that most of the people evacuated Monday were Afghans and not Americans.

“President Biden’s ‘America Last’ policy also extends to Americans trapped in Afghanistan,” said Starnes. “Whatever happened to the concept of no American left behind?”

“President Biden’s flaccid leadership is going to result in nightly videos of American hostages being beheaded by the Taliban,” said Starnes. “Get the Americans out of Afghanistan now.”