ARREST THEM! Dylan Mulvaney Wants to Punish Those Who ‘Misgender’ Him

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Dylan Mulvaney – the transgender activist and celebrity endorser is not very happy with folks like me. Journalists who continue to refer to Mr. Mulvaney as a man, Fox News reported.

Mulvaney – says any journalist who misgenders him should be arrested and thrown in jail. Watch his comments below.

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“Like, the articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again, I feel like that should be illegal. I don’t know, that’s just bad journalism,” Mulvaney said.

Well, the reason why people call Mr. Mulvaney a man is because he’s a man, man.

“I’m reminding myself that those people actually feel like they’re doing the Lord’s work. They believe that their bullying actually is the right thing to do, and I’m the one to blame when I’m just over here trying to live my best life,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney is generating national outrage over his mockery of womanhood. He’s on a quest to celebrate 365 days of publicly identifying as a woman. And apparently he thinks wearing a dress and plastering his face with makeup makes him one of the girls.

And he’s also generating lots of cash as a celebrity endorser for brands like Budweiser and Maybelline.

So, here’s the bottom line. God made male and female. Your sex and gender are not interchangeable.

As for being criminal – can we talk about Dylan Mulvaney’s wardrobe – a grown man in a pink dress and high heels – somebody should call the fashion police.

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Will you call someone by their God-given pronoun or their preferred pronoun?

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