Babylon Bee CEO Booted From Christian University

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The chief executive officer of The Babylon Bee has been disinvited from speaking at his alma mater. 

Seth Dillon was given the heave-ho by administrators at Palm Beach Atlantic University because of the Christian school’s “sacredness.”

“Cancel culture has come for me,” Dillon told Campus Reform.

He had been invited to speak at the school’s chapel service, but was later disinvited.

Seems a good many of the snowflakes enrolled at Palm Beach were troubled because Dillon called Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization. 

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“I’m just too dangerous and divisive to be permitted to speak on the campus of my alma mater. Since when do you have to support terrorist organizations that use violence and intimidation to advance their agenda to be welcome on a Christian campus,” he told Campus Reform.

And of course – the perpetually-offended LGBT students also got triggered.

“Cancel culture is a destructive disease, and Palm Beach Atlantic University is not immune to it,” said Dillon. “We need more backbone and less coddling in our Christian institutions. And we need it yesterday.”

Palm Beach Atlantic University used to be a respected, conservative, Southern Baptist school. But nowadays they no longer identify as Baptist. They’re CINO — Christian In Name Only. 

They’re also cowards who caved to a cancel culture mob. 

The truth is that Christian students need to hear from people like Seth Dillon. 

He’s a Christian running a successful Christian media company. He employs 10 Palm Beach Atlantic grads. And he recently donated $300,000 to help launch a new master’s program.

Mr. Dillon should ask for Palm Beach Atlantic University to return his check.  

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