Bearded Man With Hairy Chest Featured on Cover of Bridal Magazine

Modern-day brides still harken back to tradition on their wedding day. Something borrowed, something blue. But one bridal magazine believes girls should also have something hairy, too.

Brides Today, an Indian wedding magazine, has sparked Budweiser-style backlash after it featured a “trans-feminine” person on its cover. That’s just a polite way of saying large, hairy, bearded dude in a dress.

Trans poet, comedian and activist Alok Vaid-Menon, is shown in several cover photos wearing womens’ wedding apparel from jewelry to a head covering and a dress for its digital magazine. 

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“The reason LGBTQI+ people are hunted is because we have the audacity to embrace authenticity and autonomy in a world that prescribes conformity. People take their own insecurities and project them at us. If they were secure in themselves, they wouldn’t seek to deny and disappear us. In other words: the continued discrimination against our community is an indication of the mental health struggle of our non-LGBTQI peers. What’s needed then is the promotion of positive mental health for all. What’s needed is the creation of a culture tied together with love, not shame,” Vaid-Menon said.

In 2016 he sparked outrage by defending men who identify as women using bathrooms and locker rooms with biological women.

“Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think,” he wrote on a since-deleted Facebook post.

Hundreds of angry Indians posted comments on the magazine’s Instagram page — accusing them of embracing wokeness.

“Women celebrating being replaced by a man,” one observer noted. “Don’t do this in our country. Please don’t be this woke. It’ll only take us on a path of cultural destruction like (the) west.”

“Women are brides. He is not a bride,” another wrote. “Stop erasing women.”

“I literally threw up,” wrote another. “”This is a visual nightmare. Putting a dress on does not make him feminine. Makeup dresses, and jewelry do not define what it is to be feminine or a woman for that matter.”

Can you just imagine a fellow waiting at the altar for his soon-to-be-wife and he sees a hairy dude in a dress?

With apologies to the songwriter, “Here comes the bride, there goes the groom.”

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