Beth Moore Rebukes Preacher Who Wants Women to Dress Modestly

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Beth Moore – the famous Bible study teacher – is in the news.

Mrs. Moore rebuked a pastor who encouraged women to dress modestly.

Pastor Brian Sauve wrote a message on Twitter the other day – a letter to ladies.

“There is no reason whatsoever for you to post pictures of yourself in low cut shirts, bikinis, bra and underwear, or anything similar – ever,” the pastor wrote. “Not to show your weight loss journey. Not to show your newborn baby. Not to document your birth story.”

The pastor’s comments set off a social media firestorm.

“I am a proud member of the congregation of the Holy Church of Mind Your Own Damn Business,” wrote NBC host Katie Phang.

Mrs. Moore, too, blasted the pastor — calling him a “Dude.” Told him to never say the word bra — and then ordered him to mind his own unders.

Should Christian women practice modesty?

“Unders” may be code for ladies unmentionables.

I’m not quite sure what prompted the pastor’s Twitter posting. I would be interested to hear the backstory.

That being said, it’s not wrong or unChristian for a pastor to suggest that both women and men should consider practicing modesty.

Women really don’t want to see a young man running around town with an exposed butt crack. And how about those overweight guys who wear the two-sizes-too-small t-shirts? Is it too much to ask that guys cover up their belly buttons? Or clean out the lint?

And don’t even get me started on the fellows prancing around the beaches in speedos and flip flops.

What’s interesting is that a few years ago Mrs. Moore held the same viewpoint as the pastor. She, too, encouraged ladies to cover up.

“Immodesty is self-exhibition,” she wrote on Twitter in 2016. “Not sure showing off our big honors is godlier than showing off big breasts. We could all use some coverage.”

So why the change in values? Two words: Donald Trump.

Mrs. Moore, like many other wokevangelicals, suffered a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome on Election Day. It turned out to be a terminal case.

Her public disgust of the former president made her an instant celebrity with the leftists who run the religion section of the Washington Post. And she has become something of a saint among wokevangelicals.

Mrs. Moore has since deleted her message to Pastor Sauve – without providing an explanation. Perhaps she has had a change of heart?

Regardless, it has certainly caused a kerfuffle in the Christian community — where a good many saints may now be wondering if it is permissible to show up for the ladies’ prayer circle wearing Daisy Dukes and thong bikinis?

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