California Students Given ‘White Savior Complex’ Assignment

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Parents in an Orange County, California school district are demanding answers after discovering their children were given a “White Savior Complex” assignment and a “Healthy Kids” survey that included racial questions.

After multiple complaints and emails, the Gateway Pundit reports Tustin Unified School District parents requested a Public Records Report to find out the origin of the assignment and received files on June 2.

A substitute teacher allegedly assigned the “White Savior Complex” project to students in an English Honors classroom in relation to the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

One of the high school district’s trustees, Allyson Damikolas, says in an email that the parents who are asking questions about the assignment are the “opposing parent group.”

The assignment, which was pushed without parental consent, is apparently the school district’s attempt at “ethnic studies courses,” also commonly referred to as Critical Race Theory.

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes slammed the school district Friday and praised the parents for taking a stand.

“All of this Critical Race Theory, all of this LGBTQIA crap — have you noticed that it’s all being shoved into the school system through the English department?” he explained on the Todd Starnes Show. “This is why children can’t read or write.”

Starnes added: “They don’t have time to learn. They’re learning to hate white people and they’re learning how to become confused about their gender orientation.”

This isn’t the first time a school has tried to squash parents’ concerns regarding what is in school curriculum, and it certainly won’t be the last.


Finally it feels like parents are standing up for their children’s education after reports of leftist indoctrination have flooded the news. And the school board in California better arm themselves, because this “opposing parent group” isn’t leaving anytime soon.


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