Caller on Transgenderism: Men Could Never Nag Like Women

A “Todd Starnes Show” caller, Doug from Georgia, said transgenderism doesn’t work because they can’t actually “think” like the opposite sex.

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Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs nationwide life from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

STARNES: [00:29:35] Let’s go to the phones. Doug in Georgia. Hey, Doug, what’s on your mind?

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DOUG: Well, I want to weigh in on the whole transgender thing. Let’s just assume for a minute, that all these guys who think they’re women, or say they’re women, are just they’re pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes, that they aren’t feeling it all. And where are all the feminists. I mean, talk about patronizing females. I think it’s really funny. And I came to this conclusion a woman can look like a man, but she’s not going to be thinking like a man because a man thinks of one thing. And because we’re on the air, I’m not going to say it and vice versa. A guy can look like a woman, but until he has an unrealistic and unrelenting desire to nag, he’s not a woman.

STARNES: Whoa! Oh, geez. All right, Doug, you’re going to be getting the phone calls, my friend.

DOUG: Oh, hey, you’re wonderful. And I do love your liberal voice. It’s really wonderful.

STARNES: Well, you’re very kind to say that, Doug, and thanks for listening to us. Say hello to all of our great friends there in north Georgia.

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