CENSORSHIP: YouTube Removes Trump’s Faith & Freedom Speech

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YouTube has removed a speech delivered by President Trump.

Have you given up on social media?

The former president had been the keynote speaker for the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to the Majority conference. 

“This is censorship, pure and simple,” said Ralph Reed, the founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

YouTube claimed the speech violated its misinformation policy. They did not provide specifics. 

The Faith and Freedom Coalition appealed – but YouTube rejected their petition. 

No doubt that the conservatives were victims of censorship – and for no good reason.

As Ralph Reed pointed out – disagreement does not equate to disinformation. 

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However, YouTube has every right to decide what goes on its platform. Sex and debauchery meet their standards, but faith and freedom do not. 

Rush Limbaugh once warned conservatives to be very careful about building platforms on social media. And he had a great point. 

You may have millions of followers but ultimately you have no power or control. 

What Facebook gives, Facebook can take away.