Check Out Starnes Parody Film ‘J6 The Movie’

After Tuesday’s theatrical Jan. 6 Committee testimony, the Todd Starnes Show staff created a trailer for a parody film called “J6 The Movie.”

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The trailer played live on the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday. Watch Below!

Do you think the Jan. 6 hearings are a joke?

The cast of the hypothetical film includes some big-name stars: Amber Heard as former Whitehouse aide Cassidy Hutchinson, Jane Fonda as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), and even an appearance from former President Donald Trump.

The satirical teaser of Hutchinson’s bombshell testimony during the hearing.

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“So I was like watching Selling Sunset and I like got this anonymous DM, and they said President Trump beat up two Secret Service agents and tried to commandeer the beast,” the fictional Hutchinson testified in the trailer.

“And you saw this firsthand?” a shocked Cheney replied.

“Well, like no,” Hutchison admitted to the committee. “but i saw it on Twitter, so it has to be true.”

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To give his reaction on the testimony, the Starnes team was able to get an appearance from former President Trump.

“Lies. It’s all lies,” Trump exclaimed. “She’s a very negative person, and quite frankly, a sore loser. It’s fake news. It sounds like she wants a job at CNN. Everyone knows I can’t drive a stick shift with my big, beautiful, huge hands. They’re massive. I’m telling you.”

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