Christian Influencer Reads the Bible to Millions on TikTok

Destiny Albritton has read the Bible to more than 11 million people on TikTok.

With more than 600,000 followers on the popular social media app among Gen Z, Albritton, whose handle is @destinythewonderful, shares videos of her reading highlighted and underlined Bible verses.

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“My hope for my TikTok Bible readings is that people wouldn’t be intimidated by Scripture, that they would … realize that the Bible is for them and written to them and they can make it part of their daily lives because God’s Word is for us and God is for us,” Albritton explained.

Do we need more of God's Word on social media?

The Spirit-filled, Bible-believing Christian started sharing Scriptures on social media during the COVID pandemic lockdown.

“There was so much fear and social media was full of so much anxiety, panic and bad news, but I was personally reading Psalm 91 over myself and my family and it gave me a lot of peace,” Albritton began.

“And one day I shared Psalm 91 to my Instagram story and the response I got was really positive,” she said. “People who don’t read the Bible as their regular routine were telling me how much peace they got from me just sharing those scriptures.”

That’s when she got the idea to share excerpts from her daily Bible reading to TikTok in 15-second videos.

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Nearly three years later, Albritton calls herself an “accidental influencer.”

“My first video on TikTok went viral,” Albritton said. “I kept getting notifications that people were watching and liking my videos.”

She was surprised because it wasn’t a dance or a hateful rant.

“The videos themselves are just the page of the Bible and my finger following along as my voice is reading the description. It’s very simple. It’s just Scripture. It isn’t me. It’s just God’s Word,” she said. “And people loved it and people connected with it.”



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Albritton has worked with Harper Collins Christian Publishing and Alabaster Co. to promote their products to her followers.

She reads from her New Living Translation Bible from Tyndale.

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“It’s been surprising how many people want to read the same Bible as me and follow along with me on YouTube as well as TikTok,” Albritton explained.

Now she reads entire chapters or books of the Bible on YouTube, where she has over 8,000 subscribers.


“I’ve loved God my whole life. It’s my dream to live for God ever since I was a little girl,” Albritton said.

A girl a few states away told Albritton her brother struggled with connecting with the Lord until he came across videos on TikTok that happened to be her.

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