CNN, MSNBC Broadcasting Fake News To Sway Opinion on Ukraine

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Do you believe the media's reporting on Ukraine?

There is a propaganda campaign underway on American television.

And the intent is to convince you that the United States should declare war on Russia.

The Ghost of Kyiv – a fighter pilot who shot down Russian jets. The soldiers who defended Snake Island with a profane retort – only to be slaughtered. The beauty queen who took off her crown and took up arms to fight the invaders.

Stories of great courage and sacrifice – but they are all untrue. Wartime fiction. Propaganda.

There is no doubt great atrocities are being committed against Ukraine.

And our nation does have a moral obligation to provide humanitarian aid.

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And also to sell whatever military firepower the Ukrainians can afford.

It may very well be that we end up in a shooting war with Russia – but the decision to wage World War III should be based on facts, not emotions.

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