Dr. Fauci wants Americans to ‘Sacrifice’ the Thanksgiving Holiday

Well folks, Dr. Anthony Fauci wants us to cancel our plans for Thanksgiving in an effort to yet again decrease the spread of COVID-19.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, he stated, “A sacrifice now could save lives and illness and make the future much brighter as we get through this.”

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Now if my memory serves me correctly, Dr. Fauci and a whole lot of other people were saying the same thing back in March, April, May, etc. The American people took a leap of faith and listened to health officials this entire year and have stayed in their homes.

They’ve taken a leave of absence from their family, friends, and businesses. Now we’re being asked to do the same thing during a holiday that highlights community and love.

Americans have sacrificed so much this year and they need a break.

So, this is what I say to you America, you have a choice on how to celebrate Thanksgiving. Will you celebrate socially distanced or celebrate in-person? This is your choice.

America is grounded in the idea that people can make their own decisions and this is one of the many ideas that we have to hold on to.