EASTER EGG DRAMA: White House Should Tell PETA to ‘Cluck Off’

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Should the White House use real eggs for the annual Easter Egg Roll?

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll has ruffled feathers among the anti-poultry crowd.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling on the First Lady Dr. Mrs. Jill Biden to stop using real chicken eggs in the Easter Egg Roll. 

American farmers donated more than 70,000 eggs for the annual Easter tradition, The Hill reported.

“Chickens are smart, sensitive animals who feel pain and empathy; have distinct personalities; and, at just a few days old, can count and perform basic addition and subtraction, yet they are factory-farmed in hen prisons and the eggs they produce are stolen for humans to eat,” wrote PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

Instead, PETA wants the White House to use either plastic eggs or wooden eggs. 

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And if those options aren’t available — they recommended painted rocks or egg-shaped balls. 

Perhaps someone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should tell PETA to cluck off.

PETA says the problem with using real eggs is that vegan children might feel excluded.

“Children, who have natural empathy for animals, would be saddened to learn that the eggs at this family event came from mothers who spent their entire lives in cages smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, unable to lift a single wing, and were taken from her as soon as they were laid. It’s a most fowl irony,” the mother cluckers said in a press statement.

As for PETA — they are more than happy to hop on down that bunny trail and dye whatever they want – whether it be rocks or a block of fermented soy. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us going to be on the White House Lawn — doing our best not to cockle-doodle care. 

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