Feds Spend $2.3 Million to Inject Cocaine into Beagle Puppies

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The federal government spent $2.3 million to inject cocaine into sixth-month-old beagle puppies.

Turning sweet little puppies into coke heads was just one of many jaw-dropping expenditures listed in Sen. Rand Paul’s annual “Festivus” Report. The report documents how the federal government has been squandering the tax dollars of hard-working American citizens.

Should the US be spending tax dollars to turn puppies into coke heads?

The 2022 Festivus Report documents $482,276,543,907 in government waste. 

The National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse gave SRI International $2.3 million to inject the puppies with cocaine.

In 2018, the Festivus Report documented how NIH spent $874,503 to study the sex habits of Japanese qualis on cocaine.

“What’s up with your government’s obsession with getting animals high,” Paul asked.

This marks Dr. Paul’s eighth edition of the Festivus Report as he continues working to alert the American people to how their federal government uses their hard-earned money.

The government also spent $187,500 to verify that kids love their pets. The Department of Health and Human Services spent $689,222 to study romance between parrots, the NIH funded a $3 million annual research project to watch hamsters on steroids fight, and the U.S. Census Bureau spent $2.5 million on Super Bowl Ads.

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