Florida Lawmakers Are Rooting Out Predators in the Classroom

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By now you’ve heard about Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

Should preschoolers be learning about sex?

Gay activists along with their cronies in the Mainstream Media have accused Florida lawmakers of homophobia.

But there’s just one big problem – the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” says nothing about not saying gay.

The legislation is actually called the Parental Rights in Education bill. It would ban schools from holding classroom discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity. In other words – no more teaching first graders about personal pronouns.

The reason why the left is so angry is because their scheme has been exposed.

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For years they have used our nation’s public education system to advance a radical agenda.

Promoting socialism, critical race theory, and gender confusion.

And this is not an isolated problem – it’s happening in every public school in the nation.

The Sex and Gender Revolutionaries literally believe parents should not have a say in their children’s education.

They want to become mommy and daddy…But they are actually predators.

I’m Todd Starnes.