Fox Pitches Massive Hissy Fit Over McCarthy Vote

The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning commentary – heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation.

Paul Ryan’s Fox News Channel has suffered a full-blown meltdown over the fight for the speakership of the House. 

Should conservative surrender and allow McCarthy to become Speaker?

The conservative news channel supports Kevin McCarthy and they are outraged that viewers are not backing their pick. 

After three ballots McCarthy still does not have the numbers needed to win. 

A brave bunch of true conservatives has mounted a campaign to stop McCarthy from becoming speaker. In private, McCarthy has bullied and badgered the conservatives, threatening them with profane rants.

And sadly, many in the so-called “conservative” media have been more than happy to carry McCarthy’s water.

Fox & Friends called it a disaster for Republicans. Sean Hannity called it a total clown show. Mark Levin said conservatives who oppose McCarthy are boneheaded fools. The Five said the House Freedom Caucus makes AOC and The Squad look positively reasonable. 

One of the lone holdouts is Tucker Carlson who called McCarthy a “political agnostic.” It’s not exactly the sort of description one would expect for the leader of the House Republicans.

Fox News is pitching an old-fashioned hissy fit because they’re not getting their way. Or maybe they’re discovering that they are no longer the last word on conservative politics. 

Just remember all those so-called Christian conservatives on Fox News Channel and on talk radio who are telling you to back Mr. McCarthy, are the same ones who told you to support Mitt Romney and John McCain. 

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