FRED WEINBERG: Dems Don’t Realize How Popular Trump is in Middle America

Is every Democrat out there nuts?

I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again: West of the Hudson River, East of the Los Angeles County line and South of the Cook County line there is a whole country out there about which the political establishment knows very little.

In Washington and New York, the politicos and the media like to call us “the American People” as if we are some kind of exhibit in a zoo.

To them, we are.

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But if you want to know about our America, with all due respect to our great friends at Southwest Airlines, now would be a great time to get in your cars, take your Trump 2020 face masks and drive a lap of America.

If you’ve never done it, you’ll find out for yourself just how big this country is and how many people just like you and I live here.  Think of it as a circular Cannonball Run.

In addition to seeing your nation up close and personal, there’s another benefit.

You’ll start feeling much better about President Trump’s re-election.

I’m not saying he cannot lose.  What I AM saying is that he is hugely popular among the citizens of Middle America—those people including you and I who have not caught the virus.  You know, the Trump Derangement Syndrome virus which the media, the Democrats and other assorted crackpots are trying to spread.

If, as an example, you believe a poll which says that the President is only one percent ahead of Joe Biden in Texas you don’t know Texas (where, full disclosure, we operate KBDT in Dallas).

There is very little appetite in Texas for the Joe Biden platform of killing the energy business.  Unless you believe CNN, the New York Times of cable news outlets.

The truth is that even media outlets you think you can trust—the Wall Street Journal, as an example—can do incredibly stupid things.  The Journal, recently, reported that there is no evidence that the President’s early shutdown of traffic from China to America helped flatten the curve despite the fact that Biden called the move racist and xenophobic.

We’ll bet that was a 20-something writer and a 40-something editor simply not thinking.

The truth is that most of our neighbors don’t spend much time or attention on following the news because we already know that it is hopelessly biased against reality.  But every time we see a city smoking from riots or a one year old baby killed by gunfire, that probably does not help the Biden campaign.

The big question is what happens if and when Trump is re-elected?

Will the crazies among them—which seems to be virtually all of them—keep it up?  Will the President need to send in the FBI—the REAL FBI—and start arresting the rioters as well as the government officials who let them riot and charge them with violations of the Civil Rights laws?

Will you see a Governor in jail before his term is up?  A Mayor?  A whole City Council (Minneapolis)?

What will happen when people like Bill De Blasio or Lori Lightfoot find out that there are real legal consequences for not doing their jobs?

Think I’m kidding?

If Black Lives REALLY Matter, blacks should be the first group on board.  Those aren’t white babies and children getting killed in Chicago and New York.  And they’re not being shot by cops.

Sadly, it will probably be our Middle America neighbors who force the issue.

Take that lap of America this summer and find out for yourself.

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