Girls Banned From Locker Room After Complaining About Transgender Teammate

The girls volleyball team at Vermont’s Randolph High School has been banned from their own locker room. 

The girls volleyball team at Vermont’s Randolph High School has been banned from their own locker room. 

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The girls were punished after some team members complained about a biological male changing clothes in the same room. 

Should Boys Be Allowed Inside Girls Locker Rooms?

The transgender student had also made inappropriate comments inside the locker room.  When the girls complained – they got the boot. 

The school district told the girls there was nothing they could do because state law allows boys who identify as girls to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. 

So now the transgender student gets an entire locker room to himself — while all 10 biological girls have to change in a single-stall bathroom. 

Boy Watched Girls Change in Locker Room

I warned parents about the dangerous sex and gender revolutionary movement that’s happening inside taxpayer-funded classrooms. Click here to read “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

The Daily Signal interviewed several of the female athletes:

Female student A, who is 14 years old, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview that she was dressing for a game when the trans-identifying student began to enter the locker room. She shared that she was not wearing a shirt, only a bra, and was halfway through putting on her shorts.

“Please don’t come in here, we’re still changing,” she says she called out, as she struggled to clothe herself.

But the trans-identifying student allegedly told her that it was fine, entered the locker room, and stood in the corner “watching” as the other girls finished dressing. Female student A said that the interaction made her incredibly uncomfortable, and her mother compared the incident to “voyeurism” in a phone interview with The Daily Signal.

Asked why she took issue with the trans-identify student entering the bathroom, female student A answered slowly, as if surprised she must explain: “It’s a dude.”

“He was born a boy,” she said. “I don’t care if he’s on my team, he can join any team, I don’t care. But when I’m undressing and there’s a male in the girls locker room or in the bathroom with me, I feel very uncomfortable.”

Female student B told The Daily Signal in a phone interview that she also unsuccessfully told the student that identifies as transgender that the girls needed their privacy.

“I think everyone feels this way about going into a locker room, you shouldn’t be uncomfortable,” said female student B, who is also 14. She joked that since all the girls have the same body parts, they are comfortable changing around one another. “But then when [the trans-identifying student] comes through, it doesn’t feel that way. It’s like, a male is in here. Everyone feels so awkward.”

Daily Signal

Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, sided with the biological girls.

God Decides Gender, Not Man

“Thoughts don’t change facts,” he said. “Why are people falling for this? We have to stand up for truth and for our rights and not be steamrolled by the transgender agenda in our society today.”

“Simply put, this is discrimination against biological girls and women. What about their right to privacy? What about their sports, their locker rooms, their bathrooms that are being taken over by biological males? These school administrators need to get their heads back on straight,” Graham added.

Just because a boy wants to identify as female does not make him a female. 

God decides sex and gender, not man. 


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