Gov. Huckabee Bans ‘Woke’ Word From State Documents

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Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has banned a word from official government documents. 


Sanders, who is the the state’s first female governor and the nation’s youngest governor, says the term is a pejorative and ethnically insensitive.

“Ethnically insensitive and pejorative language has no place in official government documents or government employee titles,” the governor’s executive order states. “The government has a responsibility to respect its citizens and use ethnically appropriate language, particularly when referring to ethnic minorities.”

A Pew Research Poll indicates only three percent of American Latinos and Hispanics used the term to describe themselves. 

Latinx is a gender-neutral alternative to Latino and Latina. 

A term used more by woke white liberals to prove that they are not xenophobes.

A Spanish language institute rejects the use of the “x” to replace vowels when identifying gender in the language.

“One can no more easily remove gender from Spanish and other romance languages than one can remove vowels and verbs from English,” the executive order states. “It is the policy of the Governor’s administration to prohibit the use of culturally insensitive words for official state government business.”

Sanders says her administration will continue to ban culturally insensitive words from official state government business.

Sanders previously worked as the press secretary for President Trump. She is also the daughter of Mike Huckabee – who served as Arkansas’ governor for 11 years. 

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