High Schooler Arrested for ‘Offering Students Bibles on a Public Sidewalk’

An outspoken Christian teen was recently arrested at a protest while handing out free Bibles.

Josh Alexander, who was suspended from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School for opposing men in girls’ bathrooms, was detained by law enforcement on May 17 in a video captured by Rebel News.

The 17-year-old boy was at Western Canada High School for an international walk-out organized by Liberty Coalition Canada to protest his suspension.

“I was handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon for offering students bibles on a public sidewalk in Calgary,” Josh tweeted that day. “I was released and told if I returned I would be arrested and charged.”

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Josh said he continued handing out Bibles, adding, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.”

Law enforcement said they were supporting public safety during the protest, but Josh isn’t buying it.

“I certainly don’t think it was a coincidence that after four minutes at the protest, police standing by witnessing me being assaulted by a mob with my hands in the air and they decide to arrest Josh Alexander at the ‘I Stand with Josh Alexander’ rally. So I don’t think there is any coincidence there,” Josh told Fox News Channel over the weekend.

Calgary police released the following statement.

During the event, a fight broke out between several individuals of opposing views. Two people were taken into custody and released without charge… The investigation remains ongoing… The Calgary Police Service recognizes the Charter rights of everyone to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly… We police behavior, not beliefs.

It all goes back to math class when Josh argued against the school’s transgender bathroom policy.

“I quoted Mark 10:6 after a teacher told us that there was as many genders as we want there to be and we should explore ourselves. And I said, ‘No, God created male and female,” he said.

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Josh was reportedly suspended by the school because his attendance would be detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of transgender students, according to the complaint filed by his lawyers.

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People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier reacted to Josh’s arrest on Twitter lamenting a “sick society” that treats Christians less than others.

“If you burn a church in this country, the police won’t devote any resources to catching you,” Bernier said.

“If you hand out bibles on the sidewalk however — or hold a rally to defend fundamental rights in a time of hysteria — you will be arrested and fined immediately,” he added.

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