Hollywood Stars Threaten Violence Against Critics of Drag Queen Story Time

At least two Hollywood stars are calling for violence against critics of Drag Queen Story Time.

Drag Queen  Story Time is a national movement to expose small children to men dressed in sexually provocative costumes pretending to be women.

Comedian Leslie Jones lashed out at parents – vowing to “give my foot right up your insecure, deflecting asses.

Now y’all protesting at libraries? Libraries?!? Drag queens are reading books voluntarily to kids and their parents who show up voluntarily for a story time! When was the last time you voluntarily read to your kids, Tanya? I realize books with no pictures are scary for some of y’all, but books teach kids to think. They teach them to be creative, learn about history, give them a [sic] escape to magical places where they can use their imagination to be anyone they wanna be — a pirate, a mermaid, or a man in a dress! And I’m talking ’bout wizards, because if that wizard is hot, I don’t care if he’s in a dress … I’m gonna f*** him.

I dare y’all to show up at a Leslie Jones story hour and interrupt me while I’m reading a story! ‘Cause I’m gonna be like The Giving Tree and give my foot right up your insecure, deflecting asses. So the next time you wanna show up to bother a queen at story time, at a show, at the bottomless brunch, or even just on the street livin’ their damn lives, you better check yourself, Tanya! And don’t think about what Jesus would do; think about what Leslie gonna do — ’cause I’m watchin’ you. Drag isn’t dangerous. But Leslie Jones is.

Leslie Jones

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She said don’t think about what Jesus would do. Think about what she would do.

Watch her profane screen below after the ad plays.

Miss Jones’ tirade came during a telethon called “Drag isn’t Dangerous.” Clearly, missing the irony of it all.

Actrress Charlize Theron threatened to profanely destroy anyone who tried to stop the story time movement.

“We love you queens! We’re in your corner, and we’ve got you, and I will f*** anybody up who is, like, trying to f*** with anything with you guys,” she declared.

Watch Ms. Theron’s video below after the ad plays:

To date no one has bothered to ask the drag queens why it’s so important for them to spread their legs in front of underage kids? Why do the drag queens want unfettered access to your children?

That’s the question parents and law enforcement should be asking.

Do you support drag queen story time for children?

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