Huckabee Bans CRT in Schools, Says Kids Will Learn About God

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Teachers in Arkansas will no longer be allowed to teach critical race theory. 

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed an executive order that bans educators from teaching kids that black people are the oppressed and white people are the oppressors.

Should public schools be teaching children about God?

It’s government-sanctioned indoctrination.

Gov. Sanders says schools need to get back to teaching reading, math and science instead of white privilege and systemic racism.

And she promised voters that she would never allow taxpayer funded schools to brainwash our kids with a far-left political agenda. 

“Under my leadership, schools will teach reading, writing, math, and science—and our children will learn that the identity that truly matters is the one we all share: our identity as children of God and citizens of the United States of America,” Huckabee said.

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Needless to say the youngest governor in the nation has triggered the godless, heathen left.

“What about immigrant children that aren’t citizens yet? What if someone doesn’t believe in God? Under your leadership you will force people to follow your beliefs through enacting unconstitutional laws,” one angry critic wrote. “Tyrants like you are why people left Europe to come to America, a free nation.”

Another wrote, “Where is history, music, or art? God belongs in the church and at home. Our nation was founded upon separation of church and state. First amendment gives us freedom of and from religion. We are not a theocracy.”

The Left fails to understand that the words “separation of church and state” are not a part of any founding document. Not a one. And that’s because our Founding Fathers meant for the United States to be a nation who followed Judeo-Christian teachings.

And that – ladies and gentlemen – is how Republicans should govern. Stand on a firm foundation girded by the U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible. 

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