3 Ways You Can Support Israel Right Now

This article written by Caleb Parke originally appeared at calebparke.com

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Israel is under attack and unless the terrorists put down their weapons, it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

It’s a miracle that the Jewish State has the Iron Dome defense system, but tragically too many innocent lives have been lost, injured, and suffering under fear of death.

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Here are three ways you can support Israel:

1. Pray — Prayer is extremely powerful and important. Pray for safety and the protection of innocent bystanders. Pray for hearts to change and for peace in the Holy Land.

2. Share — Share the truth with friends and family. There is a lot of misinformation and flat-out lies about Israel on social media and in the news. Call it out when you see it or simply share the truth. To stay informed I’ve compiled a list of people and organizations you can connect with.

Here are some good organizations to follow:

Here are some individuals I recommend you follow:

3. Give — You can donate to organizations that will help Israelis in a tangible way.

Here are a few organizations you can support to make a life-saving impact:

No matter what you do, large or small, I pray you are blessed. Thank you.

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