‘Jeopardy!’ Host Out After Cancel Culture Mob Finds Old Podcast

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Years from now when a Jeopardy contestant takes “Cancel Culture” for the Daily Double – the question will be: The shortest career of a game show host in history. And the answer.

Who is Mike Richards.

The newly crowned host of America’s favorite game show has stepped down.

He was facing a firestorm of criticism over some inappropriate comments he made on a podcast.

The Ringer – a website that covers sports and pop culture – uncovered a number of podcasts where Richards weighed in on little people, Americans who get unemployment benefits and how some women look in bathing suits.

I’ve listened to the podcasts in question – and while his remarks may have been crude and offensive – they were hardly scandalous. It was basically guy talk on a podcast.

But that’s a big no-no in today’s culture – where even a playground scuffle in pre-school could be a career breaker.

Mike Richards learned a very important lesson – and one we should all pay heed. When it comes to the Cancel Culture mob – we are all in jeopardy.

I’m Todd Starnes.