Job Offer Rescinded After Male Superintendent Called Females ‘Ladies’

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Vito Perrone got fired for being nice.

Mr. Perrone had been hired to be the next superintendent in Easthampton, Massachusetts. 

He really was made for the job. A former high school principal in the district there and football coach. 

But Mr. Perrone was given the heave-ho for a letter he wrote to the chairperson of the school board and the executive assistant to the school committee. Both women.

He addressed them as “ladies” in his greeting. That was the unforgivable crime.


Shortly thereafter, the job offer had been withdrawn. 

“Honestly, I am truly, truly disappointed that I won’t be in Easthampton in that building,” he said. “I’m just sad.”

The Hampshire Daily Gazette reports that both women considered the term “ladies” to be derogatory and the fact that he did not know that as an educator was a problem. 

Mr. Perrone was also reprimanded for using “ladies” as a form of a micro-aggression. 

“I was shocked,” he told the newspaper. “I grew up in a time when ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ was a sign of respect. I didn’t intend to insult anyone.”

Local residents were just as outraged.

 “I can’t believe how ridiculous this is. Rescinding an offer for calling them ladies? Micro-aggression? Totally nuts. Where have we gone as a society…things just keep getting more ridiculous,” one local resident wrote online. “What a petty reason to rescind the offer to Dr. Perrone.”

“This is sad and pathetic. As a woman, I can’t imagine being offended by someone referring to me as a lady. That has always been a respectful title. I’m embarrassed for Easthampton,” another wrote on Facebook.

Maybe it’s all for the best. That school board is definitely infected with woke snowflakes.

The only good thing to come out of this is that now we can conclusively declare those Easthampton school board broads are definitely not ladies. 

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