Starnes: Journalist Says Ban Unvaxxed Kids From School, Little League

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Pro-vaccine fundamentalists are turning up the fire under parents who have yet to get their kids vaccinated.

One Texas mom complained on TikTok that her child’s pediatrician refused to see her son — because he was not jabbed.

Now – they have to find a new doctor.

Journalist David Frum suggested that states should ban unvaccinated children from playing Little League or even attending public school.

Missing in all the hyperventilating is the science.

Children are the least likely to get the virus and the most likely to recover if they do.

An inconvenient truth. And here’s another.

Researchers are very concerned about the growing number of vaccinated children who now suffer from heart problems.

And it’s not clear why — possibly because there was very little time to actually study the effects of the vaccine on kids.

That’s another inconvenient truth.

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