JOY TO THE WORLD! Library Reverses Christmas Tree Ban

A Massachusetts public library has reversed a ban on Christmas trees after massive outrage from listeners of our radio show. Many of whom were ready to desk somebody’s halls.

This war on Christmas story started in the Boston suburb of Dedham when the trees were removed because some patrons said they were “uncomfortable.”

We first told you the story last week on the Todd Starnes Show. Fox News Channel picked up on our coverage.

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“The initial decision to not display a Christmas tree was the result of an ongoing review of all our holiday decorations and displays that started back in the spring. What has played out on social media is unfortunate, it has negatively impacted our staff and the community, and frankly, transpired before we had even started our seasonal decorating. As we finish decorating for this holiday season, Christmas trees will be put up at both locations,” the director of the Dedham Library, which has both a main branch and an Endicott branch, said in a statement Monday provided to Fox News Digital. 

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Controversy erupted earlier this month when the manager of the Endicott Branch Library in Dedham sounded the alarm that there was no Christmas tree on display at the public library. 

ORIGINAL STORY: A taxpayer-funded library in Dedham, Massachusetts is facing criticism after the library director refused to erect a Christmas tree because it made people feel uncomfortable.

Maybe they should have told the perpetually-offended snowflakes that it was a “Gay Pride Tree.”

Lisa Desmond, who serves as a branch manager for the library, exposed the Grinchy decision in a now-viral Facebook post.

I have never posted a negative post on Facebook. That is, until now.

I found out today that my beautiful library will not have it’s Christmas tree this year. Zero explanation. When I asked, I was told “people “ were made uncomfortable last year looking at it. I’m sorry WHAT? In my 28 years at the Dedham Public Library, I have never heard a negative comment.

We have celebrated and included everyone in our community.

In fact, I was asked to emcee Juneteenth this year. What an honor.

Those who know me and my family know we celebrate Christmas Hanukkah.

My Muslim friends and Western Indian friends invite me to their celebrations. What an amazing gift. This picture was taken at my beautiful library last Christmas. My cousin and family were visiting from NC’ and surprised me with a visit. This is a photo of their son putting an ornament on the tree.

Lisa Desmond/Facebook

“I’m not feeling very positive today,” she wrote. “Please bring Christmas back to my beautiful library. And always lead with love in your heart.”

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The library’s decision has sparked outrage among citizens.

“Political correctness is eroding the national sensibility,” one library patron wrote. “Christmas is a federal holiday in this country. Put the tree up!”

The library has hosted a number of “diversity” events over the past year including an untold number of LGBT-themed issues. So why does the library director have a problem with a Christmas tree?

The library board is holding a meeting next week to address the issue and the community is expected to turn out in force.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Desmond has been receiving profane threats from local activists.


“F*** you,” wrote a member of the local Human Rights Commission. “You are a selfish f***ing *itch who does not care about anyone but herself. For a tree? For a motherf***king tree? You have put people’s lives in a lot of danger. A ot of danger. For a motherf***king Christmas tree.”

Mrs. Desmond reported that threat to the police department.

There’s a simple solution for this tomfoolery. Either the library puts up a Christmas tree or they lose their taxpayer funding.

That’s how you fight this war on Christmas.

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