LARA TRUMP: Looks Like Somebody at Top Said ‘We’re Done With Biden’

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Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of former President Trump, told the Todd Starnes Show audience President Biden and the media hypocritically accused Trump of doing what Biden had done all along.

“He knew those documents were there,” the former president’s daughter-in-law told Starnes, speaking of the documents that were recently discovered in Biden’s Delaware residence.

“I’m sure there were several other people who knew that those documents were there and that it just really blows my mind that then you had Joe Biden out there a couple of months ago on “60 Minutes” ranting and raving about how appalled he was that Donald Trump could possibly, you know, consider taking any documents in question. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s got them by the gas guzzling Corvette locked in the garage.”

Lara Trump also proposed that top Democrats and elite media officials may be starting to abandon Biden as the 2024 election draws closer.

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TODD STARNES: [00:01:13] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have back with us, it’s been a while, but she is back, our good friend, Lara Trump. Lara. Hope you’re doing well. [00:01:21][8.3]

LARA TRUMP: [00:01:22] Hello. I’m doing very well and I’m always doing great whenever I’m on with you, Todd. So thanks for having me. [00:01:27][5.3]

STARNES: [00:01:28] Well, you’re kind to say that. And Lara, a lot going on. I know the president getting ready to ramp up his schedule with events coming up. And I know a lot of people around the country are very excited about the prospect of another Trump four years in the White House. [00:01:44][16.5]

TRUMP: [00:01:46] Yeah, well, I mean, I think you look around and even people who may have voted for Joe Biden in 2020, the few that I actually really believe there were are probably thinking to themselves, maybe I didn’t love everything that Donald Trump tweeted. But man, was life a lot better under his leadership when he was president of the United States. And you’re right, obviously, my father in law announced back in November that he was going to seek another term in the White House, that he was throwing his hat in the ring for 2024. And, you know, we’re a little ways out from that. But I think you’re going to see over the next kind of six months or so things ramping up. I think he’s planning to do at least one major event a month leading into the summer. And then we’ll see what happens. But, gosh, I think now more than ever, people are saying to themselves, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a competent leader in the White House who put America first? Who is actually working on behalf of the American people? And we weren’t concerned by any means that he and his son were profiting based on their position or his position in the White House, you know, from China, from Ukraine, from Russia, from all these different sources. And unfortunately, we can’t say that. [00:02:58][72.8]

STARNES: [00:02:59] No, we can’t, Lara. And of course, over the weekend, the news dropped yet another batch of classified documents discovered. We’ve been pretty clear on the program for the past couple of weeks. President Trump had the authority to declassify whatever he wanted to as president under the auspices of the Presidential Records Act. The vice president did not. And what strikes me, Lara, is the double standard. Why is it that the FBI has yet to jump in there and stage a raid on President Biden’s many homes? [00:03:32][33.0]

TRUMP: [00:03:33] Yeah, I don’t think any of us need to hold our breath on that, by the way. And you should never think that that’s coming, because I’m sure it is not. It was unprecedented back in August when the FBI raided the home of a former president at Mar a Lago. And everybody remembers how shocking a thing that was. And not only did they go to the area where they knew as directed, my father in law had locked up these documents in question, which, as you just pointed out, Todd, the President of the United States has the ability to declassify. And my father in law has maintained from the very beginning of any question about anything that all of these documents were declassified when he was president before he left the White House. But that said, then they went throughout the entirety of Mar a Lago, remember, rifling through the closet of the former first lady, Melania’s closet, Baron’s. It is very violating whenever you think about it. I mean, anybody listening, consider having anyone you don’t know, go into your home, go through your things. But then to know that the FBI was going through all of them, and then as you point out, Todd, very, very correctly, the double standard that exists because we haven’t seen nor will we see this happen to Joe Biden. And yet, as you also pointed out, it is far worse what Joe Biden arguably did and what Donald Trump was ever accused of doing, because, again, he had the ability to declassify as president my father in law. And of course, Joe Biden took these documents when he was vice president. But we should all relax because Joe Biden told us he had them locked in the garage by the Corvette. So I don’t know why we’re all getting so upset about it. That’s Joe Biden, he thinks we should all just calm down. [00:05:22][109.1]

STARNES: [00:05:23] And Lara, we reached out. We want to know where the third batch of documents were. Were they in that gas stove that Jill Biden was photographed using. We don’t know. We do not know. We can’t confirm. [00:05:33][9.8]

TRUMP: [00:05:33] We don’t we don’t know. But, the gas stove, I mean, what an egregious violation that is. I mean, you can’t do anything. I feel like the whole goal with the Democrat Party, by and large, is just that we should all kind of crawl in a dark, quiet space and just like that’s how we should live our lives. No gas stoves either. But yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe the third batch was near the gas stove. [00:05:54][21.2]

STARNES: [00:05:54] Well, you know, he promised a dark winter was coming to America, and he unfortunately delivered on that promise. You know, I have to imagine and I know I can’t imagine what you and the entire Trump family, what you guys have been through. I mean, it has been attack after attack after attack. And yet President Trump goes out there, he has a smile on his face. He’s still ready to fight for this country every single day. I’m not sure the average American would be able to stand up and do something like that with the the amount of hate and vitriol that’s directed in y’alls direction. [00:06:28][33.7]

TRUMP: [00:06:30] Yeah, I mean, I’ll tell you, nothing prepares you for this. And remember, I’m an outsider of sorts. My last name wasn’t Trump until like eight and a half years ago. And so, yeah, I think it’s been a quick learning experience for a lot of us in the family that we all thought, I think, naively, that when my father in law was actually inaugurated as president, 2017, you know, everybody would come together and say, let’s do what’s best for the country. Obviously, the opposite has happened. And I give my father in law so much credit. You know, don’t forget that this is a guy who had a great life, who was lauded by the very people who go out of their way to attack him today because he was part of their crew before. And I think that’s why they hate him so much, because in so many ways, he’s exposed them. He’s exposed them for the frauds that they are. He’s exposed so many people for their swampy ways. And, you know, he he didn’t take a salary when he was in the White House and he gets hit after hit after hit. And he takes it. And I think it’s really because he loves this country and he still to this day, despite all they’ve tried to do to him, despite impeachment, despite ridiculous, unprecedented investigations, which, by the way, have turned up absolutely nothing, I’ll remind everybody, he still wants to go out there and fight for America because he still believes in this country and that we are the greatest country in the world. And we don’t want to lose that. You know, you talk to people who have immigrated here to America. They all love Donald Trump because they know that he’s fighting to keep our American way of life intact. And there are so many people out there and so many forces out there, I think, trying to take us in a really scary direction. So I give him all the credit in the world. And, you know, I think the people who love this country know that his heart is in the right place and he’s going to continue fighting, you know, as long as he possibly can. [00:08:27][117.4]

STARNES: [00:08:27] And and I wish we had the ability to just, you know, erase from the memory, all of these allegations, you know, Russia, collusion, all of that, because none of that turned out to be legitimate at all. And you wonder, okay, where would we be right now if none of that had actually existed? Because this president, quite frankly, was the most effective president we have had in modern American history, getting his policies through Congress. And it really frustrates and angers so many of us that there has there been so many lies spewed. And again, going back to the latest allegations with the classified documents and Lara, we’ve been telling people, look, if there was anything there, they would have dropped the hammer either before the midterm elections or immediately after, and they didn’t. And the reason why is because there was nothing there. There were no crimes committed. Meanwhile, the Democrats, Joe Biden clearly violated U.S. code by harboring those documents in his garage and in his. Office, which was funded by the Chinese. [00:09:29][62.2]

TRUMP: [00:09:31] Well, that’s right. And I love how they keep saying this, that they were discovered as though somebody is like, you know, in Egypt combing through Tutankhamun’s tomb. And, oh, a big discovery made. Someone knew those were there. That is Joe Biden. He knew those documents were there. I’m sure there were several other people who knew that those documents were there and that it just really blows my mind that then you had Joe Biden out there a couple of months ago on 60 Minutes ranting and raving about how appalled he was that Donald Trump could possibly, you know, consider taking any documents in question. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s got them by the gas guzzling Corvette locked in the garage. I mean, come on. It is that sort of thing, I think, to people is really upsetting. But then you look at what was in the documents and even The Washington Post, we know how much they hate my father in law. They’ll go out of their way to say anything possible that is negative. Even they had to admit a lot of the things that were found at Mar a Lago were kind of keepsakes. I think there was like a handwritten note from Kim Jong un to my father in law when he was president. You look at that versus the documents that were found that we know of so far with Joe Biden’s treasure trove of things, what was in there, Ukraine? Well, let’s think about Ukraine. What implications does that have? What’s going on in Ukraine? What happened with Ukraine and the Biden family, Burisma? Hunter Biden? I mean, we know all of the ins and outs of that and how slimy and deep it is. Why did he keep those documents, documents on Iran, the Chinese connection to the Biden Center, as you just pointed out. There are so many more questions than answers. And I think the American people at this point deserve to have full and complete transparency, especially about the person who’s the leader of this country. [00:11:18][106.8]

STARNES: [00:11:19] Lara, do you think what we have seen so far, do you think this rises to the level of impeachment? [00:11:23][4.1]

TRUMP: [00:11:25] Gosh, if you can impeach Donald Trump on a phone call, I certainly think this sort of thing should raise some red flags and absolutely should rise to that level. Here’s the problem, Todd. Joe Biden is impeached. Who takes the reins? It’s Kamala Harris. This is a very frightening prospect, I think, to a lot of people. But I think at this point, a lot of us are asking ourselves, well, why is it that up until now the mainstream media has kind of let Joe Biden lie? They kind of coddled him through, you know, becoming president through the campaign where he campaigned out of his basement. They haven’t, you know, gone after any of these questionable things with his family. Why now are they coming out and all sort of attacking him? And to a lot of people, it looks like, you know, the Democrats, somebody at the top decided we’re done with Joe Biden. We don’t want him running again in 24. We want to get him out. And perhaps this is a very convenient and easy way to do it. [00:12:20][55.2]

STARNES: [00:12:20] Yeah, it’s all too convenient. And we all know how politics goes. Lara, before we let you go, we lost a dear friend, Lynnette Hardaway. She was a regular back in the day on this program known as Diamond of the Diamond and Silk duo. I know you guys were incredibly close traveling all over the place together. [00:12:39][18.2]

TRUMP: [00:12:40] Oh, yeah, we were, what a heartbreaking loss! Diamond and Silk came to the baby shower for both of my kids. They became very good friends of mine. And, yeah, we traveled together on a bus throughout the country. So you can only imagine the laughs and the great times that we had. But heartbreaking news last week, obviously, to hear that diamond, as she was better known, Lynnette passed away. There’s going to be a memorial for her this Saturday in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which is her hometown. My father in law is attending. I’m attending. I think our whole family is planning to go because she was near and dear to all of our hearts. And obviously she will be very, very missed by her friends and family. But I think patriots all across this country because she believed so much in America and wanted to do everything she could to fight for it. [00:13:32][52.1]

STARNES: [00:13:32] She was a great lady and we connected right away when I was back at Fox because, of course, they’re from the Carolinas, I’m from Tennessee. So we inevitably always started talking about food, whatever they were on the show, and they never would tell me what was in those, you know, in the early days they would drink out of the wine glass. Remember, they used to have the wine glasses. I said, what do y’all drink? They never would say. They never would say. [00:13:56][23.8]

TRUMP: [00:13:57] Oh, interesting. Maybe we’ll never know. Todd. [00:13:59][2.1]

STARNES: [00:13:59] I don’t think it was cranapple, but it was a lot of fun, nevertheless. All right, well, Lara, we appreciate that update and a lot of our audience praying for a diamond and silk and the family there. And we appreciate having you back on the show. Look forward to talking to you down the road. [00:14:14][14.3]

TRUMP: [00:14:15] Well, thank you. I’ll see you again soon. [00:14:16][1.4]

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