Liz Cheney Endorses Woman Who Called Her Dad a War Criminal

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Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney is batting for the other team — campaigning for Democrats and hauling water for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

It’s a stunning turn of events from the woman who was once the third-ranking Republican member of the House — and a potential presidential contender. 

Cheney was defeated in her re-election bid – losing in the Republican primary by more than 37 points. 

The other day she was on PBS heaping praise on Pelosi — says she’s a tremendous leader of historic consequence. 

“I want to say a word about Speaker Pelosi. Everyone knows she is a liberal from San Francisco. I am a conservative from Wyoming, there are many, many issues, maybe most issues, on which we disagree. But I think that she is a tremendous leader,” Cheney told the taxpayer-funded station.

“I’ve watched her up close. She is a leader of historic consequence,” Cheney added.

It’s ironic because Pelosi once called former Vice President Dick Cheney a war criminal. 

Sadly, Cheney is just the latest victim of Trump Derangement Sydrome – a malady that has no cure. 

Liz Cheney’s political career is over. She betrayed her own party and she’s not trusted by the other. She is a political pariah – a footnote in history. 

Destined to live the remainder of her life in obscurity – or at least as a late-night host on CNN. Which is basically the same thing. 

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