Liz Peek: I Don’t Think Trump’s Running in 2024

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Columnist Liz Peek told the Todd Starnes Radio Show she thinks former President Trump is not going to run in 2024.

“My prediction is, and I haven’t written about this,” Peek told host Todd Starnes. “I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. I don’t think Trump’s gonna run in 2024. I don’t think he’ll be the candidate, and I don’t think Joe Biden will run in 2024.”

Peek believes “absolutely nothing” has worked for President Biden attempting to dismantle everything Trump did. Instead of the two going for a rematch, she thinks there will be a “new cast of characters” for the next presidential race.

“Trump certainly will have a lot to say about it,” she added. “He’s going to be very present. Undoubtedly, he’ll make that happen. But in terms of really being the deciding voice in the Republican Party, he’s one of, I think now several.”


Below is a rushed transcript of columnist Liz Peek’s interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Thursday:

Starnes: [01:22:23] Want to go to the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line in the Liberty University Studios. Good, good friend of this program, a great writer. Liz Peek has an incredible column out talking about what happened on Tuesday. Liz, first, good to have you with us. And second, do you think the Democrats learned anything? [01:22:40][17.6]

Peek: [01:22:43] Well, first, thank you for having me on. I always enjoy joining your program. Second, no, I don’t think they learned a thing. In fact, I got to say I wrote that piece, basically saying that and saying that this would make them double down on their very unpopular program. And guess what? Literally an hour later, there was Nancy Pelosi saying no agendas not changed, not changing anything. We’re going to full steam ahead. I really think she’s kind of lost her mind because there was a pretty clear message sent not only by voters, but also by Joe Manchin, that the bill, as it was, wasn’t going to pass. And here now they’ve added several more entitlements to Medicare coverage and also paid child leave, and they’ve taken away a pay for the reduction of the SALT tax deductible. And gosh, that bill has gotten even less lucid financially and worse in terms of ongoing commitment. So I must say I’m kind of appalled and I guess I really didn’t expect them to do any serious navel gazing and decide that they’re on the wrong track. But at least I sort of thought it would take the wind out of their sails, and just the contrary has happened. [01:23:59][76.4]

Starnes: [01:24:00] Well, Kamala Harris, the vice president, said it was she was celebrating the great wins Democrats had. OK, where were they? I mean, New Jersey, even. And again, there’s some Project Veritas video out there, and I know that Republicans have have launched a team of attorneys there, and so who knows how that’s going to turn out? But even if the Republicans did lose a very close race there, that was still a major victory for Republicans, in my estimation. Not to mention the Senate, yeah, and the Senate president going down in defeat to a truck driver who’d never run for office before. [01:24:33][33.6]

Peek: [01:24:35] I know I love his story. A man who basically walked around his neighborhood created a home video. That’s what it is kind of saying what he thought, why he thought he should run for office and why the Democrats were run very milquetoast. I mean, there wasn’t anything harsh about his statement. It was a very agreeable kind of platform, I guess you’d call it. His entire campaign cost one hundred and fifty three dollars. And you know what he won against a longtime incumbent, who I am sure dismissed this challenge out of hand. And of course, we’ve seen in recent years that no incumbent should ever do that because voters don’t like to be taken for granted. But yeah, to Kamala Harris’s point, she cites things like the mayor’s election in New York. In fact, the mayoral election in New York was all about Eric Adams, who did win that race. Speaking as someone said Kyle Smith, I said he was speaking Republican, which is really the perfect way of putting it. Talking about not raising taxes, trying to keep the wealthy from leaving for Florida and trying to get the street safe for kids to play on again. That doesn’t sound very Democrat to me, and he completely trounced a progressive challenger in the primary. So actually, if you just look at progressives, there’s a lot to be learned yesterday and also over the last several months, it has not been widely reported, but there have been several pivotal special elections and Democrat primaries where progressives backed candidates very aggressively, including having superstars like AOC, come out for them, well-funded and they got beaten badly. So I think the progressive wave, if it was ever a wave, maybe it was just a droplet is kind of over. I hope so because it is truly, truly detrimental to our country, and I think we saw a lot of that yesterday with the crime vote. A police department vote in Minneapolis. The attorney general vote in Seattle. Things like District Attorney. I guess that was the district attorney. Yeah, right. But a lot of those races really had to do with a repudiation of the progressive platform and high time, too. [01:26:49][134.1]

Starnes: [01:26:50] Even and again for our national audience. When you hear of the wealthy and the elite in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles hiring their own private security firms. We’re talking about leftist and liberals who are hiring those private security firms. So when those folks are turning on you and Bill is a part of me, says, You know what? I hope the Democrats don’t get it. I hope they keep going down this path because this will. I think we are looking at a tsunami. If this trend continues, [01:27:21][30.4]

Peek: [01:27:22] well, I think you’re right. I mean, if they really got religion and began talking about centrist issues, they the issues that people actually care about like inflation, then I think the midterms might turn out better for them. I don’t think that’s going to happen. And here’s something else that will happen because of the election outcome on Tuesday. Republican fundraisers are going to go through the roof because, you know, look after you lose a presidential election like 2020, particularly a close one, particularly when there’s allegations of voter fraud, et cetera. It’s hard just to rev up your donors. And we’ve seen perfectly OK Republican fundraising, but we really need the congressional committees, the senatorial and the House committees to really gin up a lot of money to put to work in these races. And I think they could have a blowout election in 2022. And certainly some of the money flowing in over the next few months on the heels of the victories in on Tuesday are going to are going to help that. I think that’s totally clear. [01:28:25][62.5]

Starnes: [01:28:25] You know what, I also find fascinating. And Liz, I was interviewing President Trump for my I’ve got a book coming out next September. And so I was with the president at Mar a Lago on Monday, watching as he was literally just, you know, he was his secretary was transcribing the notes as he was endorsing all these candidates and the president claiming a victory for himself on Tuesday. But there are some out there who are now suggesting that the victories, especially Virginia, prove that the Republicans need to move on from Trump. I know Matt Walsh from over at the Daily Wire says the new conservative movement is finally bigger than Trump, and it cannot go back to revolving around him again. I mean, the Republicans could be in a pickle here if they get into a squabble between where the party is going. [01:29:15][49.8]

Peek: [01:29:17] Well, I think a couple of things about that. One, Democrats are certainly hoping that that happens because we’ve all seen the disarray in the Democrat Party. They’d love to have that happen in the Republican Party and it hasn’t so far. I basically this election cycle, let’s face it, went off without a hitch and the hitch being a possible intrusion by Donald Trump that really threw a spanner in the works. It didn’t. He didn’t really have much involvement in this election cycle, in my view, mainly because the brilliant minds in Silicon Valley have kept him off the airwaves. I mean, not being on Twitter and not being on Facebook has meant that Donald Trump’s voice has been largely quieted. That worked very well, I think, for Republicans, because when someone like Terry McAuliffe wants to make the race all about Trump. If Trump’s invisible, that’s a pretty hard thing to do. You’re punching at air. And that’s what he did day after day and people must have. I would think Virginians were kind of like, is that all he has to talk about? Trump isn’t on the ballot. We haven’t heard from him in months. He has not really has nothing to do with Glenn Youngkin. Yes, he did endorse him, because why not? I think Trump made a good decision there. But Glenn Youngkin did right on that. So my view is that enough of these ultimatums. If people want to listen to Donald Trump going forward about which candidates are good, which candidates aren’t, that’s fine. He still has an enormous following in the Republican Party. If other candidates like Glenn Youngkin want to keep a little distance between themselves and Trump. I think that’s fine, too. My prediction is, and I haven’t written about this. I’m, you know, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. I don’t think Trump’s gonna run in 2024. I don’t think he’ll be the candidate, and I don’t think Joe Biden will run in 2024. I think we’re looking at a new cast of characters which will come out. Trump certainly will have a lot to say about it. He’s going to be very present. Undoubtedly, he’ll make that happen. But in terms of really being the deciding voice in the Republican Party, he’s one of, I think now several. [01:31:21][124.3]

Starnes: [01:31:22] It’s going to be fascinating to watch this all play out. But I will say this that what happened in Virginia, I don’t think would have happened had it not been for the Trump presidency, showing Republicans and showing the rank and file how to fight back and how to get engaged, you know, on the local level and not worry about all the name calling and all that kind of stuff. [01:31:41][18.2]

Peek: [01:31:42] Well, and I think, look, I also think it gave Republicans a huge policy universe to talk about. Trump’s policies were very popular. And what we’re seeing with the Joe Biden administration is a really small man trying to dismantle everything that Donald Trump did much to his detriment. It has not worked for him. Undoing the border policy, undoing the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, trying to gin back up the Iran negotiations is what’s working for for Biden. Absolutely nothing. So, you know, he looks foolish. Trump looks smart. It was the personality that got in the way. So Trump leaves a very strong legacy of good ideas, good policies. If I were Trump, I would really take advantage of that. Talk about America First. Who doesn’t believe in America First? Well, there are some Democrats who don’t. But, you know, people like those ideas so he can have a really tremendous impact and voice going forward without running for office. And I and I hope that’s what he does. I hope that’s the direction he takes. But heaven knows, you know, he may decide otherwise. [01:32:54][72.1]

Starnes: [01:32:54] You never know. You never know. Les will. Right now, we’re going to have to leave it there. Liz Peacock It is a great website, but Marc Liz’s website at Liz Peek. Follow her on Twitter. Liz, always good to hear from you. [01:33:08][13.7]

Peek: [01:33:09] Thank you so much for having me. Take care. [01:33:11][1.6]

Starnes: [01:33:11] All right, Liz. Great. Great lady there. Liz says she doesn’t think Trump’s going to run in 2024. I can see it a couple of ways here. And here’s my take real quick before we have to go to break. If he wants to run, I think he’s going to win. If he does decide to throw his hat into the ring, Trump is going to win the presidency. If he decides not to, I still think the Republicans have a great shot of doing that, so long as Trump is out there on the campaign trail and throwing his support into into the candidate. So. But let’s wait and see. [01:33:45][33.7]

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