Only Person Punished for Afghanistan is the Marine Who Criticized the Generals

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Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is locked up in a military jail – facing an untold number of charges. The night that 13 American service members were killed in Afghanistan, he posted a video on social media — blasting the military’s withdrawal.

The Marine was only saying what most of the country was thinking – and for that he’s in the brig.

Depending on who you talk to, Col. Scheller is either a great American patriot or a rogue Marine who disobeyed orders.

Critics say he broke the rules by criticizing his chain of command publicly. They say he undermined good order and discipline.

Others say he’s a brave commander who risked his career to call attention to what’s happened in Afghanistan.

How ironic that the only person punished for our disgraceful exit from Afghanistan is not President Biden or the generals — but it was a brave Marine who criticized their failed policies.

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