Matt Walsh Accused of Genociding ‘Trans People’

Woke college students were caught on video accusing Matt Walsh of “genocide” against transgender individuals.


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The Daily Wire columnist is scheduled to speak next week at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a guest of the school’s Young Americas Foundation (YAF) chapter for his “What Is a Woman?” tour.

“He’s a f–ing right-winger. He wants to genocide trans people,” one student said while tearing down the posters.

When the club members asked the vandals if they even know who Walsh is, one of the woke students said, “He’s a super far right-wing Republican who doesn’t believe in trans rights.”

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The YAF members were kind to the students tearing down the posters, and they even invited them to attend the event.

In response to the invite, one of the vandals claimed he would show up and debate Walsh.

The University of Illinois is the second stop planned on Walsh’s “What is a Woman” college campus screening tour. The Daily Wire host plans to travel to colleges all over the country to show the film, speak and answer questions.

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The YAF chapter still plans to proceed with their event as planned.

“Our chapter is looking forward to hosting Matt next Thursday. We welcome conservatives and liberals alike to come out and ask questions and challenge ideas. Respect is at the forefront of our mission, but our values will not be undermined by those who disagree,” UIUC YAF Chairwoman Bailey Parks-Moore said.

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YAF reports that this is not the first time Matt Walsh posters have caused a frenzy from campus leftists.

Last year, a Saint Louis University student was threatened with expulsion and mandated to do 50 hours of manual labor on campus for posting similar flyers about a Walsh event.

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